Thinking of adopting a dog? Please consider adopting an older dog. The photo below is Velvet who joined our family in the Fall of 2008. At the time she was 10 ½ years old, and I am sure a lot of folks would have passed her by as being “too old”.  Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Since coming to live with us Velvet has learned to ride in a crate in the van, she has learned about dogs parks and a host of other things. She plays with my 4 year old male dog and usually gets the best of him in wrestling matches! She amazes me with her zest for life.  She loves stuffed toys and will carry her favorite in her mouth…if you tell her she is a pretty girl she will prance around, wagging her tail. A friend of mine who adores her put it really well, “If you had not adopted Velvet we would have missed out on knowing one of the best dogs I have ever seen, as well as missing out on a wonderful character.”

Velvet turns 12 in February 2010 and every moment with her has been a rich reward for choosing to adopt an older dog. Please open your heart to one and you will know the joy I have known.

— Sheila Bradshaw