Thank you all for your patience as we continue to negotiate the Postponement of the National Specialty.  While Cindy and I worked very quickly to secure a date at the same venue, we still have to notify the Hotels, talk logistics and meals, contact judges and AKC to reassign the dates, work with Onofrio. As these things will take a few days, please don’t panic and please don’t bombard the hotels because they won’t know what is coming.  My wonderful Visitors and Convention Center Bureau will be helping all this to get done and then another Scissor Byte, FB and Webpage announcement will have all the updates.  Cindy and I will be in Wichita Falls on Wednesday.

Facebook is a great way to communicate, and Eric will have the latest information up soon.

Please stay safe, wash your hands and cover your cough! Hoping to have an even better time at our Fiesta in August.

Frances Powrie
2020 Specialty Chair