Bramcroft Obedience Trophy

The Bramcroft Trophy is offered by the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc. to honor the many significant contributions made by Mr. & Mrs. Homer Downing to the Flat-Coated Retriever, especially in the obedience ring. Mr. Downing bought his first Flat-Coated Retriever from England in 1953. The Downings, who had been active in dog obedience training and showing before acquiring “Doc,” introduced this intelligent and capable breed to the obedience ring in the United States. Pewcroft Perfect UDT and Atherbram Stella UD began the tradition of Bramcroft Kennel. For twenty years, Mr. Downing promoted the Flat-Coated Retriever and presented it to the public as the compete dog. Both Mr. and Mrs. Downing maintained an interest in the breed until their deaths.

The Downings were present in 1972 at a FCRSA Sanctioned Match when the first Bramcroft Trophy was awarded to Vernon Vogel. Vernon won from the Novice B class with Barbara Conner’s Ch. Wyndcroft Tamarack. The Bramcroft was thereafter awarded annually to the handler of the Highest Scoring Flat-Coat at the Chicago International Show until 1979 when it was moved to the National Specialty.

The Bramcroft Trophy was originally offered for permanent possession to a handler who could win it by winning HIT three times, not necessarily with the same dog. John Weiss retired the original Bramcroft in 1981 with Ch. Kernwood’s Renegade Ambush UD. Colleen DeVore retired the Bramcroft II in 1985 with Ch. Twin Oak’s Double Exposure CDX WC.

The 1986, the Bramcroft III Trophy was handcrafted by Bill Mader of Chardon, Ohio. This trophy is larger than its predecessors and has plates engraved with the names of the winners and their dogs. Due to AKC rules regarding perpetual trophies, the Bramcroft is no longer listed in the Premium List. It is non-retiring and remains in the possession of the Society, but a momento is given to the winner during the Awards Ceremony at the Annual Awards Banquet each year.

Year Flat-Coated Retriever Handler Class Score
2023 CH OTCH15 Jazz’d Red Hot Intentions UDX22 OGM JH L. Kruse Utility B 198.5
2022 CH Victory Quixotic’s Titling at Windmills CD NA NF K. Main Open A 198.5
2019 Jazz’d Red Hot Intentions UDX PCDX OM2 L. Kruse Open B 198.5
2018 Victory’s Ketch’N A Storm CDX JH WC D. Orth Open A 198
2017 Victory’s Ketch’N A Storm JH D. Orth Novice B 197.5
2016 Ch OTCH Grousemoor First Sign of Spring UDX3 OM5 GN JH B. Behrmann OB 196
2015 GCh Gamekeeper’s Iron Man CD RA JH D. German NB 197.5
2014 Grousemoor First Sign of Spring UD GN B. Behrmann OB 198
2013 Ch. Grousemoor Wingspan SH C. VanByssum NB 197
2012 Grousemoor Blu Icewine UDX RE VER B. Farrah OB 199.5
2011 Ch Ravenswood’s Amazing Grace JH F. Powrie NB 196
2010 Grousemoor Blu Icewine CD RE B. Farrah OA 198.5
2009 OTCH Remington Twelve Gauge Shotgun C. McCluer OB 198.5
2008 Grousemoor Timeless RE JH WC A. Yunck NB 198
2007 Ch. Grousemoor Gryffindor CDX RE JH WCX A. Yunck UB 196
2006 Anahorish Kinsale UD SH A. Catterson OB 198.5
2005 Light-Foot’s Mak’n Dark Spirits K. Main NB 198
2004 Ch. OTCH Folly’s Fairy Tales Come True UDX JH HOF L. Kruse OB 199.5
2003 Ch. Ardrossan Inchmarnock SH WCX** M.J. Gallagher NB 197.5
2002 OTCH Clisocha Big Tyme Hob-B P. Swartzenruber OB 198.5
2001 Folly’s Jokes on You L. Kruse & T. Kerns NB 198.5
2000 Light-Foot’s Magic Montana Sky K. Main NB 199
1999 Clisocha Big Tyme Hob-B P. Swartzendruber NB 199
1998 Ch. Windfall’s Flatland Fortune SH M. & M. Gallagher NB 197
1997 Ch. Artic Sun’s Northern Exposure TD CDX NA WC K. Henke OB 198.5
1996 Ch. Flatford Major Scout JH S. Waterfall NB 196.5
1995 Ch. Casablanca’s Black Ruffles UD Behrmann, Goodwin, Ayles OB 197.5
1994 Ch. High Spirit’s Extra Proof CD WC C. DeVore NB 198
1993 Ch. OTCH Hob-B’s Knite Ryder MH P. Swartzendruber OB 197
1992 Ch. OTCH Grousemoor Some Like it Hot TD WC A. Yunck OB 199
1991 Ch. Windfall’s Sargent Rutledge UD JH D. & L. McAllister OB 197
1990 Windfall’s UFO CD McClusky & Young NB 198.5
1989 Hob-B’s Knite Ryder UD JH P. Swartzendruber OB 197.5
1988 Ch. Omega’s Final Countdown L. Williamson OB 198
1987 Hob-B’s Knite Ryder CD P. Swartzendruber OB 198
1986 Tealsnest Tanner Brown K. Wood NB 197.5
1985 Ch. Twin Oak’s Double Exposure CDX WC C. DeVore OB 199
1984 Ch. Twin Oak’s Double Exposure CDX C. DeVore OB 198
1983 Twin Oak’s Double Exposure C. DeVore NB 197
1982 Ch. Berncroft Branta UD M. Wickhorst U 196
1981 Ch. Kernwood’s Renegade Ambush UD J. Weiss OB 192
1980 Ch. Kernwood’s Renegade Ambush CDX J. Weiss U 191
1979 Mantayo Black Watch Reckless S. Myers OB 191.5
1978 Kernwood’s Renegade Ambush J. Weiss OA 195
1977 KaRon Nickles and Dimes B. LaBarg NA 196
1976 Athercroft Study in Blac N. Maggiacomo NB 172
1975 CH. Claverdon Gamble B. Reed NB 196.5
1974 Pierce’s Black Velvet CDX W. Pierce OA 196.5
1973 Ch. Mantayo of Black Watch Zakara S. Terroux NB 189
1972 Ch. Wyndcroft’s Tamarack V. Vogel NB 193.5