Dogs and Owners Who Have Made a Difference

As owners of Flat-Coated Retrievers, we are fortunate to have several of the world’s best researchers in canine genetics studying cancer in our breed. This research also depends on the generous donations that many owners have made to the Flat-Coated Retriever Foundation. But the most important contributors to this research are the dogs and owners who have participated directly in these studies. Many affected dogs have provided the blood and tumor samples that are so essential. In addition, lots of healthy dogs have served as controls for various studies. Many owners have participated in these studies at times of intense grief, setting aside their own worries and sadness to ensure that their dogs are included. The dogs listed below leave a Legacy of Hope for future generations of Flat-Coated Retrievers to live long and healthy lives. We are extremely grateful to all participants, including those who have chosen to remain anonymous.
♥ Abby – Barbara De Graff
♥ Acadia’s Summer Flight CD CGC – Donna and John Wagner
♥ Acadia’s Summer Phenix – Lindsay Whalen
♥ Am/Can CH Can OTCH Affinity Easy For You To Say UD VCD1 RN WC VFCR Can TD – Nancy and Peter Dyson
♥ CH Alidar Before Dawn – Janet Olson
♥ CH Alidar Enough Already JH – Janet Olson
♥ Alitair My Way – Tamara, Bill, Will and Chris Tate
♥ Allegro’s Freedom Rings Tru Blu – Carol & Tim Hammer
♥ SR Allegro’s Free Valley Sunrise CD JH RA WC CGC – Penny Woodward
♥ Allins Bethany Bliss – Linda & Alan Faber
♥ Almost Eden Cinder Slide Rule CD SH OA OAJ WCX EAC OGC EJC TN-E TG-E WW-ECL4 – George Smilas & Sally Nettleton-Smilas
♥ CH HR Amani Bedazzled MH WCX – Maria and Mitch White
♥ CH HR Amani Top Gun MH WCX – Maria and Mitch White
♥ Ambersand Purlie Victorious – Carolyn & Jim Stevens
♥ CH Ambersand Ravenswood Song UDX SH WCX HOF – Frances & Graeme Powrie
♥ CH Ardenwood’s As Time Goes By SH Am/Can WCX – Patti and Joe Skorupa
♥ CH SR Artic Sun’s Nighttime Talker JH CD Am/Can WC – Wendy Garwood
♥ Ardrossan Gunna Tiree SH NA NAJ WCX – Diane Houdek, Roger Palmer
♥ Artic Sun’s Caldera at Thira*** WCX – Karen Peterson
♥ CH Artic Sun’s Hot Tamale Baby UD MY MX MXJ *** WCX – Karen Peterson
♥ CH Artic Sun’s Wingover Cool Dan SH WCX – Robert Westcot II and Deborah Westcot
♥ Athercroft Zyne From Above – Susan L. Metzger
♥ CH Beachcliff’s Aerostotle Shadow Demon CDX RA OA OAJ XF NAP NFP WC TDI – Patrick and Lori Martindale
♥ CH Beachcliff Tbar Willow of Broadway CD RA CGC – Kristen Sobanski, Barbara Keck, and Deborah Edwards
♥ Beachcliff’s Time in New England RN CGC – Judy Riedel
♥ CH Beacon’s Sergeant Pepper CD SH WCX CGC – Ruth & Kingsley Sumner
♥ Bear Country Shadow Woman – Sally & Bill Young
♥ CH Bearstream Am Bernard NJP – Karen Booth
♥ CH Bertshire’s Avalanche UD MH AX AXJ OAP NJP – Sandy Bulger
♥ Bertshire’s Kiss Me Kate – Cynthia Wiford
♥ Bertshire’s Ragin’ Shenandoah – Chris LeBel, Tara Heiss & Janet Owens
♥ Am/Can CH Blacfriar As You Like It Am/Can CD WC Am RE JH NA NAP OAP OJP NF OFP Can AgN AgNJ – Rachel T. Hill, Ph.D.
♥ Am/Can CH Blacfriar Bunches of Hunches CD RA WC – Rachel Hill
♥ CH Blacfriar Calypso CD JH – Leasa Gowett & Kelly Gowett
♥ Blacfriar Casey’s Angel Griffin – Nicole & Larry Dalbec-Joyal
♥ Blacfriar Dante Allegro – Michael, Tiziana, Melissa, and Matthew Getz
♥ CH Blackfriar Hellzapoppin’ – Paul & Melissa Kirchhofer
♥ Blacfriar Irish Bailey – Charles & Kirsten Lockyer
♥ Blackfriar Makes a Raquette – Nancy Ferringer
♥ GCH Am/Can CH Blacfriar Play It Again Syd Am/Can UD WCX Am SH VER RE AX AXJ MXP3 MJP3 NF XFP Can JH Ag1 AG1J – Rachel T. Hill, Ph.D
♥ CH Blacfriar Prince Argon – James Cassaday
♥ Blackgamin Figaro – Bobbie Cowell, Doug Schumann
♥ Blackstone’s Box of Fire – Mary & Brad Woodring
♥ Int’l CH Blackstone’s Runaway Beacon CD JH WC MX MXJ CGC – Cindy Tulpa
♥ CH SR SHR U-CDX U-AGI Blazin’s Back O’ The Moon UD RN JH AX NAP NJP WCX CGC TT HOF – Melody Daniels, Cecelia Butler
♥ CH Blazin’s Cill Padraig CD JH OA NAJ WCX CGC FCDH – Beth Garland
♥ CH Blazin’s Fairest Cinderella CGC TDI – Sherry and Shannon Walker
♥ CH Bolingbroke Unbounded Wimsey JH WC – Joe & Patti Skorupa
♥ Braidwynn Highland Bard NA – Ingrid Sarelius
♥ CH Bristol’s Edward Bear – Lynn Michaelson-Cohn, Chuck Cohn & Nanci Hanover
♥ Buddy – The Pozzi Family
♥ Am/Can CH Butterblac’s Mesekwaw Am/Can JH Am/Can WC TDI – David & Elaine Fino
♥ C-City Mornin’ News at Maplewood CE S-Ngc O-OGC Open Versatility ECC O-TN-E TG-E EAC – Katrin Andberg
♥ Champ – Kristen, Stacey, Carson & Allie Walters
♥ CH Charwill’s Expresso Delight CGC – Donna and John Bartillo
♥ CH Cherokee Faith in America – Stella Cooper
♥ CH Cinderbin A E Alexandra Lexi CD WC JH AX OAJ NAP NAJP OAC OGC OJC PI CGC – George Smilas, Sally Nettleton-Smilas
♥ Cinderbin Neg’s Molly Malone CD TDIA – Anne Cotton
♥ Cinderbin’s Keepsake – Edward & Nancy Bower
♥ C-City Mornin’ News at Maplewood CD S-NGC O-OGC Open Versatility ECC O-TN-E TG-E EAC – Katrin Andberg
♥ Coastalight Half Moon Skye – Margaret Thayer and Jack Bartman
♥ Can CH Coastalight Once in a Blue Moon JH WC – Jen Metzger
♥ CH Coastalight Rip Times Two JH NA Am/Can CD Am/Can WC Can WCI – Cathy Lynch
♥ Crossroads Amelia – Kris Estes & Stephen Binder
♥ CH Darkside Elegant Velvet CD JH WC HOF – Marv & Mary Farwell
♥ CH Darktarn Swift – Sandra Sutton
♥ CH Destiny M&M’s for Phoenix UD JH OA NAJ WC – P.J. Lacette, Joann Schurmann, Nancy Schenck, Sandy Guy
♥ Destiny Miles to Go CGC – Gina Spadafori
♥ Destiny Sandstorm at Sunset – Linda & Charles Stanford
♥ CH Destiny Tornado of Ablemark CDX JH MX MXJ OF WC – Debbie Best and Jean Marks
♥ SHR Am/Can CH Ebonaire Party Past Midnight CD RA JH WC CGC Can CD RA JH WC – Jennifer Martin
♥ Echoic Keep It Quiet – Genevieve Dever
♥ CH End O’Lane’s FlipFlop SH WCX – Roger and Doris Ehret
♥ End O’Lane’s Greenwing SH WCX – Carroll Niesen
♥ CH Endeavor Autumn Glory CDX RAE JH OA OAJ – Marijo Nootz
♥ CH Evensong High Fidelity JH WC – Karen Booth, Bill Booth & Paddy Engen
♥ CH Evensong Jongleur – Terry Ann Fowler
♥ Exclyst Chance to Dream – Heather Harley
♥ CH Fancy’s Time Often Tells UDT AX WC HOF – Patti Keeler
♥ Am/Can CH Fancy’s Worth Repeaten UD TDX AX AXJ JH WC Can CD – Andrea & Charles Kane
♥ MACH Fancy’s First of Ten Toby UD JH HOF – Shirleen Roeder, Alfred Bothwell
♥ CH Fancy’s Time Often Tells UDT AX WC HOF – Patti Keeler
♥ Intl. Can. CH Fieldancer’s But I’m a Hunter – Diane Hohne-Sinclair
♥ Finestkind Falashan WG – Christina & Richard Silpe
♥ CH Fin’ly Hankerin For a Smile CD AX AXJ CGC – Patty Smiley
♥ Fireside Blackwater Jazmyn – Jim, Clare & Kerri Kaszuba
♥ CH Fireside Whistle Stop CD MX MXJ – Janet Wasson
♥ U-CD U-AgII Fireside’s Du Q Geordi Jay CD AX AXJ AXP AJP NAC NJC-V NGC-V RV-N JV-N CL4-R CL4-H CL4-F R1-MCL CGC TDI TT JFF-BAD JFP-Games III FFX-A Platinum FFX-AP Platinum – Linda Christman
♥ AKC/UKC CH UUJ UAGI URO2 UCD SHR Fireside’s Oneforthebooks CDX GN RAE JH – Linda Christman
♥ CH Flatford’s Shenandoah Smoky – Doug & Carol Purington
♥ CH Flatford’s Total Eclipse WC CGC TDI – Darleen & John Knapp
♥ CH FlatOut and The Rocket’s Red Glare JH RE WC – Christine Teneralli
♥ Flynn – Mike and Karen Crook
♥ CH Flyway Bella Notte CDX RE TDX JH MX MXJ WC CGC – Karen & Terry Bloom
♥ CH Flyway Bold Eagle CD RN JH WCX Can WCI – Christine Van Byssum
♥ CH Flyway’s Blue Skye’s Ahead NAP, NJP EVE TDI NJC – Karla Krueke
♥ CH MACH2 ADCH Folly’s Jazzin’ It Up CDX JH WC NAC NGC NJC TN-N HOF – Teresa Rodney
♥ CH OTCH Folly’s Just Kidding UDX JH – Bonnie Behrmann, Sarah Messick
♥ Folly’s Krackle and Pop AX MXJ RN GCG – Keith Edleman, Marianne Lacey
♥ WWCM U-CD U-AgI Fossilcreek Christman’s Eve CD OA OAJ NAP NJP (2/3 OAP) NAC RV-N CL3-R CL4-F CL4-H R1-CL CGC TDI JFF-BAD JFF-Games III – Linda Christman
♥ CH FowlPlay Murder at High Sea TDIA – Tammy and David Cole
♥ CH Gamekeeper’s Major Flashfire JH WC – Leslie Phillips
♥ CH Gamekeeper’s Ravenswood Magic UD SH AX OAJ WCX – Frances Powrie
♥ CH Gamekeeper’s Third Time Around UD MH29** WCX HOF – Sheila Nelson
♥ CH Goodtime Meadowrue Woodruff – Valerie Bernhardt
♥ CH Goodtime Norwegian Wood RN NAJ NF CGC – Lori and Ray Baycar
♥ Grousemoor Acadia Windstar – Larry Turka & Barbara Weber
♥ Can CH Grousemoor Coastalight Dream WCI JH CD AgN DDX Am WC JH – Wendy MacDonald
♥ CH OTCH Grousemoor Gryffindor UCX OM1 MH RE WCX RL3 HOF – Adele Yunck
♥ MACH2 Grousemoor Time to Play – Kathy Petroni
♥ CH Grousemoor Timeless UD OM1 SH RE WCX RL3 – Adele Yunck
♥ SHR Grousemoor Town & Country CDX RE JH WCX Can WC – Gay and Bob Coffin
♥ CH Grousemoor Witch Come True – Mary Beth & John Bissig
♥ Haltwhistle Hunting Tymes JH WC – Carolyn Sonleitner
♥ CH MACH Hardscrabble Hoop Dreams UD SH MX MXJ WCX HOF – Debbie Brooks
♥ CH MACH Hardscrabble Hurricane Emma CDX SH MX MXJ WCX HOF – Debbie Brooks
♥ Hemlock Lane Desertwynd Gem – Renae Thompson, Ann Yuhasz
♥ HiHill Magic F Aiko Rosebud – Marc, Pam & Maggie Arbeeny
♥ Holmback’s Boston Bound CD – Monica Holmback
♥ Homeport Dear Abby to Sirius – Anne Palmer and Bruce Harker
♥ Am/Can CH Huntlane FowlPlay Citori JH WC – Jennifer & Michael Stanley
♥ Huntlane K’Mander Widgeon Lewis – Dennis, Anne, Philip & David Arouca
♥ Hunter – Janice, Michael & Charlotte Hance
♥ Hy-Tymes Mocha Madeleine UD JH NA WCX TDI VFCR1 – Gay & Bob Coffin
♥ Jantel’s Killcreggan Statler CDX JH WC NA NAJ CGC – Kimberly Hitt
♥ CH Jazz’d Let The Sparks Fly CDX RE MX MXJ XF – Janice Anthes
♥ Am GCH Int. CH Jettaway’s Northern Lights – Heidi Ellefson
♥ CH Jettaway’s Wild Water Willow JH NA WCX Can WC CGC – Heidi & Jon Ellefson
♥ Am/Can CH BOSS Katoc’s ArticSun Double Scoop CD – Lori Kunz
♥ K’Mander Koori’s Finschhafen Boy – Dan and Maureen McIntyre
♥ Labrys High Spirits Extreme Can TDX – Linda Roe & Jody Farrell
♥ CH Labrys My High Spirits Banner CDX JH MX AXJ Am/Can WC HOF – Colleen DeVore
♥ Am/Can CH Light-foot Canberra Can CD – Gwyneth McClellan
♥ CH Light-foot’s and Tigger Too RAE – Hope Meaker
♥ CH Light-foot’s Mak’n Me Crazy CD GN RE – Hope Meaker
♥ Light-Foots Top Prize JH WC CD RN AX AXJ – Bobbie, Jim & Scott Bradley
♥ Little Hen’s Murphy’s Gift – Bill Pallente
♥ Longleaf Suncoast Legacy – Joyce Leonard
♥ Lyric’s Merry Prankster TDX – Kyla Carlson, Dave Wilt
♥ Magic Surf’s Up at Westwind – The Stephens Family
♥ Mallard Point’s Amazing Grace – Patti & Caitlan More
♥ Mallard Point’s Earl of the Flats – Kelli and Joseph Riggs
♥ SHR Mars Lights at Night CD JH OAP AJP MX MXJ WC EAC EJC – Marilyn & Wayne Wilkinson
♥ CH MCHUno’s Black Watch Angel CDX CGC TDI – Dave & Betsy Olson & Family
♥ Merganser’s Ayrshire Starbuck – Susan Dluz
♥ CH Merganser’s Blind Faith CD JH NA NAJ WC – Bobbie & Jim Bradley
♥ CH U-CD HR Merganser’s Flexible Flyer CD SH NA NAJ WCX – Shannon Kiley
♥ CH Merganser’s Portrait CD JH CGC – Alicia Craig
♥ UAG1 U-CD Merganser’s The Gambler CD – Janet Sams
♥ CH Oakmeadow It’s a Wonderful Life – Donna Chocianowski
♥ Pan’s Captain Hook – Carol Martin, Sarah Messick
♥ Pan’s Peter Pan – Carol Martin, Sarah Messick
♥ Pan’s Princess Tiger Lilly AX NAJ AXP AXJP – Rebecca Barkhorn
♥ CH MACH4 Paradise Defined CDX SH MXC MJB2 WCX HOF – Laura DeWald
♥ Parker Coleman – Valerie Legare, Scott Coleman & Bethanie Berube
♥ CH Phoenix Addms Famly Morticia CDX, JH, WC, NA, NAJ -Virginia Kuiper & P.J. Lacette
♥ CH Phoenix Happy Days CDX WC – Elizabeth Mound
♥ Prairielight Magic2DoFor Arden – Patti and Joe Skorupa
♥ CH Quillquest Meadowrue HRH CD RA – Valerie Bernhardt
♥ Quillquest Rambling Annie CD CGC – Ellen Schellenberger
♥ CH Rainbow Autumn’s First Frost MH CDX NA NAJ Am/Can WCX CGC HOF – Cary & Janet Ciarico
♥ Rappahannock Ruffian – Alice S. Wellford
♥ CH Can BISS Ravenwood’s Classical Jazz UD RN WC – Graeme and Frances Powrie
♥ Ravenwood Summer Gale – Richard and Sue Johns
♥ CH Ravenswood’s Classic Edition CDX RE SH Can CD – Caroline Baihly & Frances Powrie
♥ CH Renaissance Supersonic NA NAJ NAP EAC-V EGC-V TN-O TG-N WC Can CD – Jennifer Tower
♥ Renaissance Tropical Storm CD MH WCX CGC – Sherie & Clint Catledge, Kass Goulding
♥ Riverly Hot Pursuit TDIAOV – Anne Cotton
♥ CH MACH Riversong Rainbow’s Dream VCD2 UD JH RE WCX FCRSA HOF Can CD WCI – Lauren Weidner
♥ Riverwood’s Dream Come True TD – Catherine Fox & Michael Sheets
♥ Runner – Steve & Sunny Parker
♥ CH Salsana Silver Arrow – Judith Terchek
♥ CH Savvy’s Field Of Dreams JH WC – Pam Hind
♥ CH Savvy Midsummer Nite’s Dream CGC – Cynthia McCollum
♥ Sebasco – Cathy Cheney
♥ Can CH Seleya’s Locomotion – Vicky Nickerson
♥ Seleya Look Out Whirled – Vicky Nickerson
♥ Seleya’s Quinn Life’s A Beach – Ed and Suzanne Mallon
♥ Shadow Acres Paperback Writer CDX RA NA NAJ OAP AJP – Janet & Charles E. Butler III
♥ Shadowacre Whole Lotta Shakin – Dianne, Randy, and Courtney Boyd
♥ CH Shannara’s Wind Dancer CD JH EC AX AXJ MAD – Kerry M. Forni
♥ Shasta Annie Thing Goes – Sara Grachek
♥ Shasta SGT Murtaugh MX MXJ – Pat Boydston
♥ Shasta Summer Harvest CDX RE AXP OJP XFP – Terri Piecara
♥ Sirius Broward Can’t Count CGC TDI – Renee Decker
♥ CH Sirius’ Ceaseless Whiteout – Gordon and Nancy Miller
♥ AG2 Skye’s Doc Holiday AXP AXJP – Chris & Mick McClung
♥ Starmount New York Ranger – Karin, Rob, Adam, Samantha & Kristina Sedivy
♥ CH Starr’s Silent Night CD RN NAJ NAP NJP TDI – Lynn Starr
♥ Sterling – Jennifer and Jeff Pavillard
♥ Sterling Omega’s Dare to Dream CGC – Jen Metzger
♥ CH Suncoast Liberty Belle CGC – Joyce Leonard
♥ CH Suncoasts Surprise Witness – Joyce Leonard
♥ Tarquin’s Hurricane CGC – Sylvia Horasek, Larry Wimmers
♥ Tate – Rick & Jan Danvir
♥ Tavion Wild Blue Yonder CGC – Carolyn & Jim Stevens
♥ Tealsong Arrowood Thrasher – Karen Booth
♥ Tealwin Little Devil Diego JH WC – Bill Mitchell & Mia McEldowney
♥ CH Tealwin’s Lucky Dodger JH WCX – Joe and Patti Skorupa
♥ MACH 2 Tidalflats Kelp Forest JC WC – Susan Klein
♥ CH Tidalflats Lord Boeller – Dan & Paula Cinti & Family
♥ CH Tidalflats Selkie JH Am/Can WC CGC – Cliff Williams
♥ CH Tidalflats Skiff JC WC – Cliff Williams
♥ CH TLC Agape’s Treasure Chest NA NAJ CGC – Sue Van Buren
♥ CH TLC Carry the Torch Chance CD RA NAP CGC – Judy Riedel
♥ TLC’s Double Rainbow Keepsake – Kimberly, Terry and Kevin Hedrick
♥ CH TLC Starlite of the Rockies RA JH WC – Nancy Brown
♥ TLC Starlite’s First Gleaming CD RE MX MXJ NJP NF – Margaret & Terry Uminsky
♥ Valhala’s Angel Lily – Andrew & Suzanne Baird & Curly Coat Greta
♥ Violet Lewis – Philip & Lynnie Lewis Ohler
♥ Am/Can CH Westlawn Black Cradle JH WC – David & Elaine Fino
♥ Am/Can CH Westlawn Black Jag JH Am/Can WC – Elaine Fino, Tim Schiffmaker
♥ Am/Can CH Westlawn Black Lightning – Bryan and Debbie Lane
♥ CH Westlawn Blue Abandon JH – Elaine and David Fino
♥ Westlawn Blue Ramble – Kris & Jim West
♥ CH Whazthat Mon Ami CD – Sherry Walker
♥ CH Whazthat’s Good and Plenty – Carolyn McKnight
♥ Wiley Cr Macon Dreams Come True – Judy Perkins
♥ CH Windfall’s Habanero UD TD MH*** HOF – Cary Hunkel
♥ Windfall Hillcountry Heather JH – Gina Spadafori & Mary Young
♥ CH Windfall’s Majority Leader – Suzanne and Mike Myers
♥ CH Wingmaster Heaven and Earth MH WCX – Ed & Candy Ferner
♥ Wingmaster High on Life – Sara Grachek
♥ CH U-CD Wingmaster’s Firebird Sweet UD RE TDX JH MX MXJ (VCD3) WCX CGC HOF – Karen & Terry Bloom
♥ U-CD SHR CH Wingmaster’s Guardian Angel CDX RE SH WCX – J. Mark & Malinda Miller
♥ CH Wingmaster’s Hard Rock Café UD JH AX MXJ WC HOF – Shirleen Roeder
♥ CH Wingmaster’s Harrison Makit Happen JH – Joyce Stewart
♥ CH MACH Wingmaster’s Heir Apparent VCD2 RE JH XF – Linda Arble
♥ Can CH Am GCH SHR UH Wingmaster’s History Repeats CDX RE JH WCX HOF Can WC – Alison Schultz and Guy Murtonen

If your dog has contributed to the cancer studies and you would like for your dog to be recognized here, please contact Gay Coffin ( All of the people listed have agreed to have their dogs recognized. If you choose to participate in the research, no information about you or your dog will be made public without your consent.