Change in Eye Clearance Registry

Change in Eye Clearance Registry

As of November 1st, 2012, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) is teaming up directly with OFA to create a new registry for eye conditions in purebred dogs. The new Eye Certification Registry (ECR) will issue their own registration numbers and their database will be displayed and searchable on the OFA website. The eye exam forms need to be sent directly to OFA to be issued an ECR number. More information can be found at and FAQs can be found at

For the time being, the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) will also continue to issue registration numbers. These numbers will only be issued if the eye exam form is submitted to CERF. As of November 1st, new or renewed CERF numbers will no longer be displayed on the OFA website. If your dog already has a CERF number, you can choose to submit the new exam form to OFA and they will treat it as a "re-CERF" and issue an ECR number.

SMHC suggested changes to board policy for eye clearance listings and the Board approved:

Current FCRSA policy requires that any litters advertised in the Newsletter shall have copies of OFA or equivalent hip and patella ratings and require one of the following eye clearances within the last 12 months for both parents: OFA/ECR, CERF, proof of passing ACVO exam or the foreign equivalent. The final required eye exam for a male (using live or frozen breeding) or female shall be after they have reached the age of 8 years, or within 12 months of death. Animals that have met this requirement are eligible for breedings advertised in the FCRSA Inc. Newsletter. Breeders are strongly encouraged to have regular eye exams for dogs over 8.

Respectfully submitted:
Frances Powrie – Chair SMHC
Ingrid Sarelius – Cancer Sub-Committee Chair
Monica Stephens – Health Clearinghouse
Vicky Nickerson – AHT Liason
Judy Gladson – International Health Liason,
Lamora Cole
Sophia Fanous
Mary Young