Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc., honors the breed’s most accomplished Flat-Coated Retrievers that have also proven that they reflect the dual purpose nature of the breed. Inherent in the requirements for admission to the Hall of Fame is the intention to foster the historical concept of the Flat-Coated Retriever as a dual purpose dog, the “strong but elegant, cheerful hunting retriever”, free from disqualifying fault, as described in the official Breed Standard adopted by the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc.

Hall of Fame Inductees


  • HRCH UHCH CH Knightcastle The Man in Black MH SHU WCX DS
    Owner(s): Carlee Ogeka
  • GCH CH Victory’s Perfect Harmony MH WCX
    Owner(s): Diana Martin-Gruenler
    Owner(s): Carolee Boyles & Patrica McClain
    Owner(s): Brenda Boesel
  • MACH3 Victory’s Quixotic Nature SH MXC PDS MJC PJD MFS TQX T2B5 WCX
    Owner(s): Michael & Mary Jo Gallagher
  • GCH Wingmaster’s Quetzal SH AX AXJ RA WCX
    Owner(s): Maureen Kolasa
  • CH Wingmaster Raisin’ Cain at Kistryl MH WCX
    Owner(s): Marilyn Wilcox & Cheryl Kistner
    Owner(s): Patricia Steele-Scott
  • CH OTCH Northfield Quantum Leap UDX3 PCD OM5 BN GN GO RM SH
    Owner(s): Adele Yunck
    Owner(s): Rachel T Hill
  • CH Kistryl Maker’s Mark CDX BN RA MH WCX
    Owner(s): Christine VanByssum & Cheryl Kistner
  • HR GCH CH Wingmaster Prevailing Winds CD BN RA SH AX AXJ NF CA WC WCX
    Owner(s): April Senseney
  • Ch Kistryl Captain America CDX SH RAE BN WCX
    Owner(s): Cheryl Kistner & Marilyn Wilcox


  • CH MACH Flyway Farms Fly Over Water RN JH MXS MJS WCX
    Owner(s): Laura E DeWald
  • CH 3xGRHRCH Shasta’s Barrel of Laughs MH WCX QAA
    Owner(s): Chris Sprout
  • CH CT Kingsbridge Handfull Of Treats VCD1 BN RE JH WC OAP AJP XFP CGC TKP
    Owner(s): Kathleen Stevens
  • CH Hob-B’s Thrill of the Hunt MH CD RE TKI CGC WCX
    Owner(s): Susan Klein
  • CH Beachcliff Aren’t You Silly UD BN RM RAE SH AX AXJ XF CGC TKN
    Owner(s): Lori Martindale & Patrick Martindale & Deborah Edwards
  • CH HRCH Shasta Stonewill Nelson MH WCX
    Owner(s): John W & Sheri I Hickman Brazelton
  • GCH Wingover’s Potentium Philsophy UD BN RA MH OA AXJ NF CGC
    Owner(s): Lisa Anderson
  • CH OTCH 14 Jazz’D Red Hot Intentions UDX20 OGM JH
    Owner(s): Lance Kruse


  • CH Moonstone Eve at Sanderling CD MH WCX
    Owner(s): Candy Ferner
  • GCHS Gamekeeper’s Flirting With Disaster JH WC
    Owner(s): Jessica Montgomery
  • GCHB Swallowsflight Icecool-Cyclone BN MH CAA DSA DJ WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Kathy Z Poole-Price & John Price
  • GCHS StormWatch Jet Stream CDX RE JH AX AXJ WC CGC TKN
    Owner(s): Peg Forte & Russell Forte  & Carol Wyatt
  • CH Quillquest Ardua Ad Astra MH WCX
    Owner(s): Mary Smith & Gillian Impey
  • CH Wingover Wingmaster Loon MH AX MXJ WCX
    Owner(s): Maureen Kolasa & Greg Mathis
  • CH MACH Coastalight’s Prelude to Dawn JH MXS MJS WCX
    Owner(s): Laura E. DeWald
  • GCHG CH Argons Purple Rain BN RI JH CGC TKI
    Owner(s): Janet & Bob Herrington
  • GCH Flatterhaft Empires Never Last UD PCDX BN GN GO VER RAE JH CGCA TKI WCX
    Owner(s): Richard Streett & Judy Gladson
  • GCHG Ironwood Be Quick or Be Dead RN JH CA BCAT OS DJ CGCA TKA
    Owner(s): Morganne Morrison
  • Kaotic’s Serendipitous Sadie Sue CDX SH MXB MJB MXF T2B DN DJ CGC VFCR1 VFCR2 WCX
    Owner(s): Bonnie & Jim Joyce
  • CH Wingover Ready or Not CDX RM SH AX MXJ MXF WCX
    Owner(s): Karen Dolphin
  • CH Grousemoor Grand Teton CD BN RN MH WCX
    Owner(s): Christine VanByssum & Helen Szostak
  • GCH Wingmaster Perfect Storm MH WCX
    Owner(s): Robert & Linda O’Leary


  • CT Oakmeadow Beautiful Friendship UD JH WC
    Owner(s): Joseph & Mary Ann Hamzy
  • CH HRCH USJ Ravenswood Major ‘N Minor BN CD MH DJ DS AS WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Kelli Riggs
  • MACH CH Sedgeblac’s Ramblin’ Man CD PCDX GN RAE JH WC MXB MJS XF T2B
    Owner(s): Kimberly Hitt & Sandra Hitt
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Old West Vigilante CDX JH MXB MJB T2B DJ WCX
    Owner(s): Jayne McCloskey
  • OTCH Victory’s Ketch ‘N A Storm OMI BN JH WCX
    Owner(s): Diane Orth & Judy Gladson
  • GCHB CH Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX BN GO RM RAE SH CGC TKA
    Owner(s): Julie Ann Ressler
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Periwinkle CD BN RN JH MXB MJB DS TKN VFCR1
    Owner(s): Kelly Bryant


  • GCHG Blacfriar Bartholomew Cubbins CD BN GN RE JH NA NAJ DJ WC
    Owner(s): Randy Grimm & Rachel T Hill
  • GCH Moonstone Dynamic Magical Idaho Dirigible CDX MH WCX
    Owner(s): David Wells
  • CH MACH Wingmaster Mountain Man JH MXB MJS XF T2B WCX
    Owner(s): Hope Tiesman & Chuck Nemetz
  • Windfall’s Que As Time Goes By CD RA MH OA OAJ WCX CGCA TKN
    Owner(s): Alyce Spoto & Jay Brady
  • BISS GCHG Stormwatch Enclave Genesis JH
    Owner(s): Hector & Meredith Hector
    Owner(s): Barbara Fowler
  • GCH Blazin’s License to Drive CDX PCDX BN GN RAE JH MXB MXJ OF T2B
    Owner(s): Dawn M Buttion, Martin J Archambeault & Bryce Archambeault
  • CH HR Kistyl Takes a Lickin’ CDX BN RA MH MHU WCX
    Owner(s): Gay & Bob Coffin
  • GCH Quillquest Xtra Xpense MH37 WCX
    Owner(s): Gillian Impey & Mary Smith
  • GCH Flatterhaft Nike Everclear MH WCX
    Owner(s): Marilyn Wilcox & Cheryl Kistner
  • GCHS Flyway Farms Templeton Rye BN RE JH FDC CAA DS DJX2 CGC TKN
    Owner(s): Eric Christensen & Michelle Boytim
  • GCHG Shasta’s Western Samurai JH CA DS WC
    Owner(s): Lura Dunn, David Kerschner & Dinah Baggenstos
  • GCH Grousemoor High Sierra UD SH BN RA WCX
    Owner(s): Helen K Szostak
  • Fox Creek Taken By Storm CD RA MH OA CGC WCX
    Owner(s): Cathy & Nick Brush
  • MACH2 Shasta’s Roadrunner CD RA JH WC OF
    Owner(s): Karen & Mark Wiley
  • CH CT Wingmaster Our Side Will Win UD JH WC
    Owner(s): Joseph & Mary Ann Hamzy
  • Am/Can CH Coastalight Lotto Max Am/Can MH WCX
    Owner(s): Judy Teskey & Wendy Tisdall


  • GCH Fox Creek’s Black Arrow MH OA OAJ WCX
    Owner(s): Heidi & Mike Hebert
  • RBIS GCHS Artic Sun’s Pursuing The Dream JH
    Owner(s): Deb & Sarah Brown
  • GCH Gamekeeeper’s Double Black Diamond MH WCX
    Owner(s): Raymond & Eloise Girt
  • CH Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas CD RE MH WCX
    Owner(s): Judy Gladson & Jim Beliveau
  • CH DaySpring Lucky Penny MH WCX**
    Owner(s): Denise Sejalon
  • CH Gamekeeper’s Black Diamond CD MH WCX
    Owner(s): Joseph & Linda Smithberger & Maria White
  • BIS GCHB Almanza The Bitch Is Back JH WC
    Owner(s): Kerry M Forni & Keli T Martin
  • GCHB Rainshadow’s Rollin on the River CDX TD BN RE SH JHU OA NAJ DJ WCX
    Owner(s): Jo & Steve Chinn
  • GCH DaySpring Amazing Grace MH WCX
    Owner(s): James Price
  • UH HRCH Songdog Red Flag Warning UD MH WCX
    Owner(s): Katy & Brian Abrell
  • CH Windfall’s Ripple in Still Water MH QAA WCX**
    Owner(s): Alexandra Latta
  • CH Darkwater All That Glitters BN RA MX MXJ OF SH WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Penny Woodward
  • GCH Wingmaster Nicodemus Sanderling MH WCX
    Owner(s): Ed Ferner
  • CH HRCH Wingmaster’s Ninja MH AX AXJ WCX
    Owner(s): Greg & Sally Mathis & Maureen Kolasa
  • GCH MACH Citrus Hill Shasta Tarocco RN JH MXB MJS
    Owner(s): Joyce Brackney & Tracy Tennison
  • CH Allegro Rock Me on the Water MH WCX
    Owner(s): Linda S & Mark Reynolds
  • CH MACH Rainbow Fantasia’s Faerietail CDX RN JH MXB MJB MXP2 MJP2 WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Lauren Weidner


    Owner: Linda Arble
  • CH MACH Blazin’s Life Is Good CD JH MXB MJS XF T2B WCX
    Owner(s): Scott C Borden & Christina C Borden
  • GCH MACH Wingmaster On The Brink SH MXS MJS WCX
    Owner: Maureen Kolasa
  • GCH Victory’s Gone Sailing CD BN RN MH WCX
    Owner(s): Judy Gladson & Tracey Fudge
  • CH Flat Castle’s Blissful Blue Ocean CD BN RE MH10 WCX
    Owner(s): Chris LeBel & Judy Gladson
  • MACH Hob-B Danu’s Maclir SH MX MXS MXJ MJG XF T2B WC
    Owner(s): Michael J Gallagher & Mary Jo Gallagher
  • CH MACH2 Waunarun’s Prime Minister JH RN MXG MJG DJ WC CGC
    Owner(s): John Aykens & Mary Aykens
  • CH Wingmaster’s Moxie AX AXJ MH WCX
    Owner: Maureen Kolasa
  • GCH SHR Kistryl Happy Together CD RN JH BN WC WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Pam & Hal Ronin & Marilyn Wilcox
  • GCH HR Pemberly Whistle While U Work CD RA MH WCX
    Owner: Shannon M Kiley DVM
  • GCH Victory’s Irish Rose Of Stoneridge RE MH14 WCX CGCA
    Owner(s): Matt & Katie Griffiths
  • GCH Pinnacle’s Johnny Rocco MH OA AXJ THD CGCA WCX
    Owner(s): Alyce Spoto & Jay Brady
  • GCH MACH Fairytail Rosa Parks CD BN RA JH MXG MJG XF T2B2 DJ WC
    Owner(s): Randy & Kelly Grimm
  • CH Whitland The London Trader MH QA2 WCX
    Owner: Dr. Mary O. Smith
  • CH MACH2 Grousemoor Ft Motor City Classic CD RE JH MXG MJG XF WC
    Owner: Chris McClung
  • GCHB Gamekeeper’s Medal Of Honor CD RE SH AX AXJ WC
    Owner(s): Linda Lowy, Maria and Mitchell White & Dr. Robert R Rickert
  • CH Quillquest Ticket To Win MH WCX Can WC
    Owner: Gillian Impey


  • CH Kaotic Ivy’s Legacy CDX MH WCX
    Owner(s): Carol & Rod Wooley
  • GCH Gamekeeper’s Iron Man UD RA SH WCX
    Owner(s): Ed Zawodny & Deanna German
  • Victory’s Got Game UDX OM1RE JH AX MXJ NF WC
    Owner: Diane Orth
  • MACH6 Butterblac’s Winners Circle RN JH MXB3 MJC2 OF T2B WCX
    Owner: Teresa Rodney
  • CH MACH2 Flyway Farms Here We Go Again JH MXS MJG WC
    Owner: Teresa Rodney
  • Kaotic’s Wanton Fluke CDX SH MX MXJ DS CGN CGC WCX VFCR2
    Owner(s): Bonnie & Jim Joyce
  • Affinity in Like Flynn VCD2 UD RAE JH MX MXJ XF
    Owner(s): Karen & Craig Dolphin
  • MACH2 HR Fox Creek Hob-B’s Jett Sett SH MXG MJG CA CGC WCX
    Owner(s): Susan Klein & Paulette Swartzendruber
  • Am/Can GCH Blacfriar Madeline Am/Can CD JH Am RE MX MXJ MJB OAP AJPMXF OFP T2B WCX DJ Can WCI AgI AgIJ NP
    Owner: Rachel T. Hill
  • CH MACH Citrus Hill Stone Mason RN JH MXB MJS
    Owner: Tracy Tennison
  • BIS RBIS GCHG Prince Charming RN JH
    Owner(s): Maria & Mitch White
  • UH HR CATCH II Grousemoor Almosteden Ripple CD AX AXJ OF MH WCX
    Owner(s): Sally Nettleton-Smilas & George Smilas
  • CH OTCH Grousemoor First Sign of Spring UDX2 OM5 GN JH
    Owner(s): Bonnie Behrmann & Helen Szostak
    Owner: Deborah Zirwas
  • GCHG Flatford Ruffles and Flourishes MH
    Owner(s): Mary & Marv Farwell, Karen Welke, Todd Farwell
  • CH Coastalight Primetime UD OM1 BN GN GO RE MH WCX
    Owner: Adele Yunck
  • CH MACH Shasta Leather BN RN JH MXB MJS T2B
    Owner: Joyce Brackney
  • CH MACH Pennfield Rainbow on Kenai CDX RN JH MXS MJG WC
    Owner: Lauren Weidner
    Owner: Rachel T. Hill


  • GCH Coastalight Holds All the Aces MH WCX
    Owner(s): Philip & Louise Dewey
  • MACH Victory’s Golconda MH MXS MJG NF WCX **
    Owner(s): Mary Jo & Michael Gallagher
  • MACH Wildwood’s Long Night Moon CD RN JH MXB MJS WC CGC
    Owner(s): Anne Fisher & P.B. Higgins
  • CH MACH8 Shasta Black Coffee RN JH MXC2 MJS3 T2B2
    Owner(s): Joyce Brackney
  • MACH Berncroft Zestar Emerynn CDX JH MXS MJS CGC WCX
    Owner(s): Michelle Barga
  • CH Knightcastle Modi D’Avignon RN MH WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Philip Dewey
  • MACH Victory’s Follow the Leader CDX RE JH MXB MJS XF T2B WCX
    Owner(s): Neal & Helenmary Cody
  • CH MACH Knightcastle Camelot Nevermore CD RN JH MXB MJB NAP NJP NF WC VFCR1 CGC
    Owner(s): Jill Griffet & Yvan Ruel
  • Can NMH GMH CH Coastalight Mistaya Scout Can CD * Am/Can MH WCX
    Owner(s): Judy Teskey & Wendy Tisdall
  • GCH Whazthat All Fired Up VCD2 RE JH MX MXB MXJ MJB OFB T2B
    Owner(s): Kris Rainey & Debbie Petersen
  • CH MACH Eagletarn Country Song CDX JH MXS MJS T2B NJP CGC
    Owner(s): Barb & Fred Anderson
  • BIS SHR GCH Can CH Timberblac’s All Hands On Deck BN CD RN JH WC CGC
    Owner(s): Jennifer Martin
  • CH MACH Coastalight Mistaya Surprise CD RA JH SHU MXB MJS NAP NJP OF WCX
    Owner(s): Timothy Bauknecht


  • GCH Destiny As Good As It Gets CDX JH WCX
    Owner(s): Elizabeth A. Mound
  • Can NMH GMH OTCH Am/Can CH Coastalight Island Treasure CD Am/Can MH WCX Can UD **
    Owner(s): Judy Teskey & Wendy Tisdall
  • GCH Sedgeblac Dancin Northrn Light CDX RAE MX MXJ JH WC NF
    Owner(s): Kimberly Hitt, DVM & Sandra Hitt
  • CH MACH Coastalight Great Beau’s Afire JH MXS MJS
    Owner(s): Christine Coleman
  • CH Quillquest One Of The Best MH WCX Can WCX
    Owner(s): Gillian Impey
  • CH CT Oakmeadow And You Wore Blue CDX RN SH WCX
    Owner(s): Joseph & Mary Ann Hamzy
  • GCH Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow MH WCX **
    Owner(s): Alexandra Latta
  • CH MACH7 Shasta Caliente RN JH MXS3 MJB3
    Owner(s): Tracy Tennison & Joyce Brackney
  • GCH HR Whitland One for the Money TD MH22 WCX **
    Owner(s): Mary Smith
  • CH Amani Bedazzled MH WCX
    Owner(s): Maria & Mitch White
  • CH MACH2 Citrus Hill Checkered Flag JH MXG MJS WC
    Owner(s): Tracy Tennison
  • GCH Windfall’s Odds On Casino CD RE JH MX MXJ WCX
    Owner(s): Darrell W. Borchardt & Laura A. Pickering
  • GCH MACH Shasta Ghirardelli RN JH MXG MJS
    Owner(s): Joyce Brackney
  • CH MACH Windfall Run for the Roses CD JH MXB MJS OF WC
    Owner(s): Laura E. DeWald
  • CH MACH Sharmead Hearthstone’s One More Time CD SH MXS MJS WCX VFCR1
    Owner(s): Georgette Palinkas
  • GCH MACH Shasta Sedgeblac Twist of Fate CD RE JH MXS MJS XF T2B
    Owner(s): Sandra Hitt & Kimberly Hitt, DVM
  • CH Kistryl Shoots and Ladders CD MH WCX CGC **
    Owner(s): Mary Ann Abbott & Cheryl Kistner
  • CH Grousemoor Kistryl Snow N Go UD JH MX MXJ MJB
    Owner(s): Donald C. Holmes & Helen K. Szostak
  • CH CT Wingmaster Her Song VCD1 JH WCX
    Owner(s): Joseph & Mary Ann Hamzy
  • CH Wingmaster’s Jade CDX SH MX MXJ WCX
    Owner(s): Maureen Kolasa
  • MACH2 High Caliber Johann Santana CD JH MXB2 MJB2 WCX
    Owner(s): Ann Decker & Dave Bunde
  • CH Quillquest Range Rover MH WCX
    Owner(s): Dori Cantley & Gillian Impey
  • Am/Can GCH Windy Hill God of Fire RN JH CGC
    Owner(s): Ken Johnson & Cathy Johnson & Dr Robert Rickert & Sonja Rickert
  • CH HRCH UH Pemberly’s Go the Distance CDX MH RE WCX
    Owner(s): Shannon M. Kiley DVM
  • CH Grousemoor Wingspan CDX BN RN MH WCX
    Owner(s): Christine VanByssum & Helen Szostak
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Krakatau Blast CDX JH MXS MJS XF
    Owner(s): Jayne McCloskey
  • GCH Coastalight Good Louis Nanaimo CDX MH WCX **
    Owner(s): Betsy Montgomery
  • GCH Windy Hill Dance To The Music JH WC
    Owner(s): Dr. Robert R. Rickert & Sonja Rickert & Leanne Selof & Mark Bettis
  • CH MACH Shasta Cinco De Mayo CD RE JH T2B2 XF WC
    Owner(s): Barbara Fowler
  • CH Quillquest Pip’s Pearl MH WCX CGC Can WCX
    Owner(s): Gillian Impey
  • GCH MACH2 Citrus Hill’s Black Pepper RA JH MXS MJS T2B CGC
    Owner(s): Lois Reid
  • GCH Grousemoor Pinot Noir RE MH WCX
    Owner(s): Genevieve Dever
  • Artic Sun’s Caldera at Thira *** WCX
    Owner(s): Karen Peterson
  • GCH MACH Shasta Black Ice RN JH MXS MJS
    Owner(s): Joyce Brackney & Dinah Baggenstos
  • GCH MACH Citrus Hill Can-Am’s Rocket RN JH MXS MJB T2B CGC WC
    Owner(s): Michele & Robert Winningham
  • CH Quillquest Rolls Royce MH WCX CGC QAA Can WC
    Owner(s): Gillian Impey
  • GCH Glenwan’s Sidney on Lanier CD BN RA JH SHU NA NAJ WC
    Owner(s): Wanda Middlebrooks & Cathy Pullian
  • CH MACH Magic Candide Cando CDX RAE JH MXS MJS MXF MFB T2B
    Owner(s): Ken Neubauer & Mary Neubauer
  • GCH Can CH Stormwatch Thunderclapp Tegan JH WCX CGC
    Owner(s): Kathi Leonhardt & Pamela Stanley
  • CH Quillquest Qute Quintessence MH WCX CGC Can WC
    Owner(s): Gillian Impey
  • CH CT Oakmeadow As Time Goes By CD JH WCX
    Owner(s): Joseph & Mary Ann Hamzy
  • CH HR Wingmaster’s Triple Play MH WCX
    Owner(s): Alison Schultz & Guy Murtonen


  • GCH CH MACH Athercroft Sweet Smelon CDX BN GN RA JH MXS MJS OF NFP T2B WC
    Owners: Donna Slavin, Dee Turkelson & Ruth Marsh
  • CH Whazthat Karasail Hot Like Me UD JH AX OAJ WCX CGC
    Owner: Kari Mueske
  • CH MACH 2 Fireside’s Illegal HiStakes Gambling CDX RN JH WC
    Owner: Annette Narel
  • CH Wingmaster’s Live Free CDX SH AX MXJ WCX
    Owner: Maureen Kolasa
  • GCH BIS Can GCHEX Can MOTCH Can BISS Can MBIS Fishercreek’s A Star Is Born UD RN JH WC Can JH Can HIT
    Owners: Barry and Pauline Harrison
  • RBIS BISS GCH Blazin’s Joie de Vivre CDX JH WCX
    Owners: Donald and Susan Bierer


  • AM/Can Ch HR U-CDX Flat- Tyre’s Take a Chance on Me UDX RN SH WCX Can CDX RN WC
    Owner: Christine VanByssum & Helen Szostak
  • CH Rowansgaard Diggory Vena CD TD MH NA NAJ VDCI WCX ** TT-76-FCR
    Owner: Beth K. Garland
  • CH HRCH MACH3 Wingmaster’s Kasper CD MH MXS MJS WCX VFCRI
    Owners: Greg Mathis & Sally Mathis & Maureen Kolasa
  • MBIS Int’l/AM GCH Can CH Blacklace Magic Mocha Sapphire CGC JH
    Owner: Ken and Cathy Johnson
  • CH MACH2 Wingmaster Khyber Pass CDX SH MXS MJB2 WCX
    Owner: Maureen Kolasa
  • HRCH Victory Fair at Anahorish UD OMI MH QAA WCX
    Owner: Annie Catterson
  • BOSS Am/Can CH Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau CD JH AXJ OA WC TT-80-FCR
    Owner: Beth Garland
  • CH Meadowrue Night to Remember UD VER RE JH AX MXJ OF WC Can CD WCl
    Owner: Valerie Bernhardt
  • Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX
    Owner: Judy Gladson
  • CH Pennfields K2 UD RE JH MX MXJ OF
    Owner: Karen Wiley
  • GCH Am/Can CH Blacfriar A Stitch In Time Am/Can CDX RE SH AX AXJ AXP AJP OF WCX Can JH WCI AgN AgNJ
    Owners: Rachel T. Hill & Julie Parker
  • CH MACH Destiny Tornado of Ablemark CDX RA JH MXS MJS AXP AJP OF
    Owners: Debbie Best & Jean E. Marks
  • CH Grousemoor Timeless UDX OM2 RE SH WCX
    Owners: Adele Yunck & Helen P. Szostak


  • CH MACH Wingmaster Stell R Aura  CDX, JH, RE, MAP, XF
    Owner:  Linda Arble
  • CH MACH2 Wingmaster’s Ice Cap CDX, JH, WCX
    Owner:  Maureen Kolasa
  • CH Gamekeeper’s Ravenwood Tango  UDX, JH, WCX
    Owner:  Frances and Graeme Powrie, Maria & Mitch White
  • GCH Flatford’s Comic Relief MH, WCX
    Owner:  Mary, Marv & Todd Farwell, Karen Welke
  • CH OTCH MACH Remington Twelve Gauge Shotgun UDX, OM1, SH, WCX
    Owner:  Christine McCluer
  • MACH Merganer’s Sirius Black CDX, TD, GO, RE, JH, XF, WCX
    Owner:  Karen Wiley
  • CH Shasta Dancin’ Isadora Duncan  CDX, RE, MH, NA, WCX
    Owner:  Sandra, Kimberley & Andrea Hitt
  • CH Fox Creek’s Rain or Shine CD, MH, AX, OAJ, WCX
    Owner:  Heidi & Mike Hebert
  • CH Paradise Play It Again Sam CDX, RE, MH, OA, OAJ, WCX**
    Owner:  Alyce Spoto & Jay Brady
  • CH  MACH6 Windfall’s To Run  CD, JH, OF, WCX
    Owner:  Teresa Rodney
  • MACH Rainbow Spring Reigns CDX, RA, JH, WCX, Can WC
    Owner:  Lauren Weidner
  • CH MACH SR Tag Along to the Backwoods CDX, RN, JH, NJP, CGC
    Owner:  Barb & Fred Anderson
  • MBIS/Int’l/ Bronze GCh/Can Ch Blacklace Magic Mocha Sapphire CGC JH HOF
    Owner:  Cathy Johnson


  • BIS Ch Petersfield Famous Amos, JH
  • Am/Can Ch Rivermist Brigadoon’s Angus, UD RE JH NAJ  AX  VFCR2 WC  WCX  TDI  CGC
  • GCh Ch Starworkers Dealers Choice, JH OA AXJ
  • Ch OTCH Grousemoor Gryffindor, UDX OM1 RE MH WCX
  • GCh Ch UH SHR Wingmaster’s History Repeats, CDX RE JH WCX WCX CGC
  • Ch Wingmaster Good Look, VST JH MX MXJ WCX
  • Ch MACH Paradise Defined, CDX SH OF WCX
  • Ch MACH Shalyn’s Wildwood Flower, CDX RN JH NF WC
  • Ch Cedarhill Karasail Summer Moon, UD JH NAJ NAP NJP WC CGC
  • Ch Gamekeeper Third Time Around, UD MH WCX **


  • CH MACH Wingasters Heir Apparent, VCD2, RE,JH,WCX
  • CH HR U-CD Merganser’s Flexible Flyer, CDX, RE, SH, AX, OAJ, WCX
  • CH Wingmaster’s Hard Rock Cafe, UD, JH, AX, MXJ, WC
  • CH Fireside Rythm & Blues, UD, RE, MX, MXJ, XF, WC
  • CH MACH Shasta Lexus, CDX, RE, JH
  • CH MACH Shasta Action Item, CD, RE, TDX, JH, OF, WC
  • CH OTCH Folly’s Moving Violation
  • CH Wingmaster Intense Suspense, UDX JH MX MXJ WCX
  • CH Morrieland Spring, TD, MH, OA, NAJ, WCX
  • CH MACH Shasta Terracotta, CDX, RN, JH


  • CH MACH Kistryl Star of the Snow, CDX, JH, MXF
  • CH Salasana Double Arrow, CD, RA, JH, OA, AXJ
  • GCH Wynflat’s Iceman, UD, MH, AXJ, WCX, HOF
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Handsome Hippie
  • CH OTCH Folly’s Just Kidding, UDX, JH
  • CH MACH4 Shasta Belstar Magic Happens, CDX, RA, JH
  • CH MACH Folly’s Mind Over Matter, CD, RA, JH, WCX
  • HRCH UH Can NMH, GMH, OTCH Am/Can CH Coastalight Wind Over Tide, Can TD, DD, WCX,**, Am UD, MH, WCX, **
  • Ardrossan Rum Runner, CDX, MH, OA, AXJ, WCX,**
  • CH Tag Along to Model Creek, UD, JH, MX, MXJ, NGC, CGC
  • CH MACH Shasta Brownstone, CD, RA, JH
  • CH Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye , CD, MH, AX, AXJ, WCX, **


  • CH HRCH Anahorish Aisling, CDX, MH, WCX,***
  • BIS CH Dexmoor’s Thrill of Groshunt, JH
  • Fancy’s Cloud’s Silver Lining, UD, JH, MX, WCX
  • CH Dexmoors Star of Bristol, CD, JH, MX, MXJ, CGC, WC
  • CH Can OTCH Flyway Bold Eagle, UD, RA, SH, NA, WCX, Can WCI
  • CH Darktarn Bitterweet Glory, UD, MH, WCX
  • CH Blacfriar I Am Sam-I-Am. UD, RE, JH, AX, MXJ, AXP, AJP, NF, WCX
  • CH Hardscrabble Taz of Wynflat, MH, AX, AXJ, WCX, ***
  • CH MACH Hob-B’s Out And About, UD, MH, WCX
  • Hob-B Night Squall, CDX, MH, AX, MXJ, WCX


  • CH HR Anahorish Kinsale, UD, MH, WCX**
  • MACH2 Artic Sun Tea N’ High Spirits UD, JH, WC
  • CH SR Bertschire’s Avalanche, CDX, MH, OA, OAJ, WCX, CGC
  • Am/Can CH Can OTCHX Blacfriar Amelia Earhart, Am/Can JH, WC, Am UDX, RE, AX, AXJ, AXP, MJP, Can WCI, AgI, AgNJ
  • Am/Can CH Can OTCH Blacfriar Play It Again Syd, UD, RE, JH, NA, OAJ, NAP, OJP, WCX, Can AgN, WCI
  • CH Constant Castor, UDT, JH, MX, WC
  • CH Flyway Bella Notte, CDX, RE, TDX, JH, MX, MXJ, (VCD2), WC
  • CH MACH2 Folly’s Jazzin’ It Up, CDX, JH, WC
  • CH Riversong Rainbow’s Dream VCD2, UD, JH, AX, MXJ, WCX, Can CD, Can WC
  • CH SR Tag Along Lani Kai, UD, JH, AX, AXJ, WCX, NJC, NAC, CGC
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Bud Grant, CD, JH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH MACH Wingmaster’s Gala, UD, SH, WCX
  • CH HRCH UH Wingmaster’s Gryphon, UD, SH, OA, OAJ, WCX
  • CH Wynflat Allout Rhyme Master, CD, AX, OAJ, MH, WCX


  • OTCH CH Folly’s Jokes on You UDX8, JH
  • MACH CH Histakes Keeping All Bets UD, JH, MX, MXJ, WC
  • CH Dexmoor’s Shoot the Moon UD, JH, OA, OAJ, WC, TDI, CGC
  • CH Rainbow Autumn’s First Frost CDX, MH, NA, NAJ, Am/Can WCX, CGC
  • CH Windfall’s Energy of Dagobah CD, MH, NA, WCX
  • CH Oakwood Grousemoor Cold Duck CDX, JH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Victory’s Bravo Zulu CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Brandybuck Flash Crossraguel CDX, JH, WC
  • CH Windfall’s Innuendo CDX, MH, WCX***
  • Can BISS CH Darktarn’s Blac Phineas CDX, JH, WC
  • CH Woodflat’s Drivin’ Miss Daisy HR, CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX


  • Applegarth Fionn’s Ladder, UD, TD, JH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Ardrossan Inchmarnock, UD, MH, NA, NAJ, WCX, TDI
  • CH Blazin’s Doppelbock, UD, JH, AX, OAJ, WCX
  • CH OTCH MACH Clisocha Big Tyme Hob-B, UDX, MH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • MACH Fancy’s First of Ten Toby, UD, JH
  • Am/Can CH Fancy’s Worth Repeaten, UD, TDX, JH, AX, AXJ, NAP, WC, Can CD
  • Am/Can/Mex/Intl CH Grousemoor Jam Dandy, CDX, JH, OA, OAJ, WCX
  • CH Labrys My High Spirits Banner, CDX, JH, MX, AXJ, Am/Can WC
  • CH Light-Foot’s Magic Mushroom, UD, JH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Paradise Gambling on Jacks, CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Paradise St. Lucia All Incl, UD, SH, WCX,**
  • Ch Paradise Wild Irish Rogue, MH, MX, AXJ, WCX
  • Am/Can CH SR Quillquest Etched in Stone, JH, OA, AXJ, Am/Can WC
  • CH Ryvertowns Babbling Brooke, UD, SH, AX, AXJ, WCX
  • BISS BIS CH Shannara’s Chamber of Secrets, JH, CGC
  • CH Shasta Most Valuable Player, UD, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Wingmaster’s Ellie, UDX, SH, WCX
  • CH U-CD Wingmaster’s Firebird Sweet, UD, TDX, JH, MX, MXJ, VCD3, WCX CGC
  • CH Wingmaster’s Free Will, UDX, SH, WCX
  • CH Wingmaster’s Gem, UDX, SH, WCX
  • CH Wingmaster’s Greyfriar Deacon, UDX2, SH, AX, MXJ, WCX


  • CH Artic Sun’s Hot Tamale Baby, CD, MH, AX, AXJ, WCX, Can WC
  • CH Beachcliff Alec “the Shadow” Baldwin CD, JH, OA, NAJ
  • CH Flatford Major Scout, UD, JH, WCX, AX, OAJ, CGC
  • CH Gamekeeper’s Denali, UD, JH, WCX, AX, AXJ, CGC
  • Am/Can CH U-AGII HR U-CDX Grousemoor Hugs ‘N Kisses, UD TDX, JH, AX, OAJ, WCX, Can UD, JH, WCX
  • Am/Can CH U-ACHX U-CDX Grousemoor Last Starfighter, CDX, TDX, JH, AX, WCX, CGC, TT, Can CDX, TD, WCI
  • CH Grousemoor Polo Sport, UDX, TDX, JH, AX, WC, CGC
  • CH Hardscrabble Paradise Aruba, UD, MH, WCX, CGC
  • Am/Can CH OTCH MOTCH Oakwood Columba’s Spectre, UDX, TD, JH, WC, Can TD, WC
  • CH Paradise’s Curacao, UD, MH, WCX, CGC
  • Riverly Artistry in Motion, UD, JH, MX, MXJ, WCX, Can CD, WC
  • CH HR Songdog’s Stormchaser, CDX, TD, MH, WCX, CGC, TDI
  • CH Twinoaks Belstar Firecracker, CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH OTCH Windfall Hidn Secret of Magic, UDX, JH, AX, AXJ
  • CH Windfall’s Habanero, CDX, TD, MH, WCX
  • CH Windfall’s Hole In One, VCD1, CDX, MH, WCX
  • Am/Can CH OTCH Woodflat’s Weather Tracker, UD, SH, OA, OAJ, WCX, Can WC


  • CH Black Walnut Asclepius, MH, AX, OAJ, WCX
  • CH SR SHR U-CDX U-AGI Blazin’s Back O’ The Moon, UD, JH, AX, WCX, CGC, TT
  • Am/Mex CH Folly’s Escapade, CD, JH, AX, AXJ, WC, CGC
  • CH Hardscrabble Hurricane Emma, CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX
  • CH Hardscrabble Shasta, CD, TD, SH, AX, AXJ, WCX
  • CH Shannara’s Balinor Buckhannah, UD, OA, SH, WCX


  • CH Blazin’s Carpe Diem, CD, SH, WCX, CGC
  • CH OTCH Folly’s Fairytales Come True, UDX, JH
  • CH HR Gamekeeper’s Black Hawk, SH, WCX
  • CH Hardscrabble Paradise Jam, CDX, MH, WCX, CGC ***
  • CH Riverwood’s Cayman Paradise, UD, MH, WCX, CGC ***


  • CH Artic Sun’s Wingover Chat CD MH WCX***
  • CH Bertschire’s Obsidian Shadow UD SH OA NAJ WCX
  • Am/Can CH Can OTCH U-CDX Brushwynd Justice For All UDX JH OA OAJ SKC-UD Can WC
  • Am/Can CH Char-Will’s Midnight Walker CDX MX MXJ WC CGC Can CD
  • U-CDX Cinderbins Tejas Margarita UD JH MX MXJ WC CGC
  • CH Coldstream’s Night Ranger CDX JH WC
  • CH Eden Wild Jetstream Bubbles CD TDX JH NA NAJ WCX Can WC BH TRI AJC CGC
  • CH Fancy’s Rainbow Connection UDT AX WC Can CDX
  • CH Fancy’s Time Often Tells UDT AX WC
  • CH Fireside’s Next Generation UD TD JH AX AXJ WCX CGC
  • HRCH Goodtime Jim Bowie UD MH WCX
  • CH OTCH U-CD Grousemoor Forget Me Not UDX OA OAJ WC Can UD
  • CH High Spirits Extra Proof UD JH OA WC Can CD
  • CH Light-Foot’s Topsail CDX SH AX OAJ WCX CGC
  • CH Rainbow’s Secret Treasure TD SH AX OAJ WCX CGC TDI
  • CH Raventarn’s Savanna Storm CDX TD MH WCX CGC
  • Renaissance Galileo CDX TD MH OA NAJ WCX
  • CH Sugar Island Rex UD SH WCX Can CDX
  • CH Windfall’s Euripides SH AX AXJ WCX
  • U-CDX CH Windfall’s Flatland Fortune UDX SH NA WCX TDI
  • CH Windfall’s Glory Days UD JH MX AXJ WC
  • CH CT MACH Wingmaster Forever Paris SH WCX


  • CH Ambersand’s Ravenswood Song UDX SH WCX
  • BIS CH Bolingbroke Waterwyns Sequel AX OAJ WC
  • Brandybuck Ease On Down the Road UDX SH OA NAJ WCX
  • CH Darkside Elegant Velvet CD JH WC
  • Am/Can CH Can OTCh Fireside’s Private Edition UD OA JH WCX CGC SKC-CDX
  • CH Flatford Zeus the Major God JH WCX
  • CH U-CDX U-AGI Grousemoor Jack in the Pulpit UD JH MX AXJ JH WC Can/ASCA/WW-CD NAD CGC
  • Am/Can CH Grousemoor Rainbow Chaser UD AX WC CAN CDX
  • CH Hardscrabble Hoop Dreams CDX JH MX AXJ WC
  • CH Longleaf’s Secret Ingredient CDX MX AXJ AAD EAC OGC OJC WC TT CGC
  • CH Rainbow’s Fantasy Treasure CDX MX AXJ WC CAN CD
  • Savvy’s Summer Mirage CD TD JH MX AXJ WCX
  • CH Victory’s Attention On Deck CD SH AX OAJ WCX
  • CH Windfall’s Frequent Flier UD SH NA WCX
  • CH Windfall’s Goose UDX MX AXJ JH WCX


  • Am/Can CH Amani’s Hunter Eclipse UD JH NA WCX
  • CH Artic Sun’s Northern Exposure UDX TD OA WC
  • CH Fancy’s Spice Of Life UD TDX OA NAJ WC Can CD
  • CH Grousemoor Slam Dunk UD JH AX WC
  • Hillbrook Madam Winsorley UD SH MX AXJ WCX CGC
  • CH Hy-Tymes Virginia Reel CDX SH AX WCX
  • CH Katoc Black Walnut Argus CDX MH OA WCX
  • CH Mshinda Wa Amani CD MH AX OAJ WCX
  • Am/Mex/Int’l CH Patero’s Prime Folly UD JH WCX WR TT CGC
  • CH Renaissance Mystic Music CDX JH MX WCX Can CD JH
  • BIS CH Rockyhill’s Ropin’ The Wynd WC
  • CH Twin Oaks Springin In The Rain CDX MX AJX WC
  • CH Windfall’s Expensive Gamble CDX MH WCX**
  • HR Woodsong’s Emperor CDX TDX SH OA OAJ WCX


  • CH Amani’s Windfall Magic, CD MH WCX ***
  • U-CD Am./Can. CH Beaverun’s Triple Crown, JH OA WCX Am. /Can. UDT Can. WC
  • CH Bolingbroke Rookie of the Yr, UD SH NA WCX
  • CH OTCH Destiny’s Good Luck Charm, UDX NA WC
  • CH Flyway Air Tracker, UDX JH WCX
  • Am./Can. BIS Can. BISS Am./Can. CH Foxvue’s Barque Drifter Bear, Am./Can. CDX WC CGC
  • CH Grousemoor Wish Upon A Star, OA, JH, WC
  • CH Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan, CDX MH OA WCX
  • CH Katoc Black Walnut Boreas, CDX MH NA WCX
  • CH Savvy’s Cosmic Castaway, CD JH MX WCX
  • CH U-CD, HRCH Wingmaster Bertschire Phoenix, UD TD SH WCX CGC


  • Ch. Athercroft Mojo Man, CDX SH CGC WCX
  • Ch. Fancy’s Hope For The Future, UDTX NA WCX Can. UDT
  • Ch. Grousemoor Putin On The Ritz, UD JH AX WC
  • Harmony’s Black Sox Scandal, UDX SH WCX
  • Ch. Hy-Tymes Even Keel, UD TD JH OA WCX
  • Am/Can Ch Can OTCH Onyx Dark Secret UD JH OA WC CGC
  • Ch. SR U-AG1 Whisper Winds Always Harmony, UD TD SH NA WCX CGC TDI Can. CD WCI


  • CH Bedivere Knight of LaDeJa, CDX, TDX, WCX
  • Ch. Bertschire s Full Spectrum, UDX TD JH WC CGC
  • AM/CAN CH Fancy’s Trademark, UD TDX JH WCX CAN UDT
  • CH Grousemoor Blue Skies, CDX, TD, MH WCX
  • CH U-UD Grousemoor Crown Jewel, UDTX JH NA WC CAN/S-UD TT TDI CGC
  • AM/CAN CH Grousemoor Daly Double, UD TDX JH WCX
  • AM/CAN CH Just A Little Bitta Fancy, AM/CAN UDTX, AM WC
  • AM/CAN CH Petersfield Tjs’ Hunter, JH, WC
  • CH Windfall’s Cag Capt Maverick, UDX, SH, WCX
  • CH Windfall’s Charisma, CDX, MH, WCX***
  • CH Windfall’s Morning Star, CDX, MH, WCX


  • CH Bolingbroke Darth Vader, UD, TD, MH, WCX, CAN CD
  • CH Quillquest Express, CDX, SH, WCX, CGC, CAN WC
  • Windfall’s UFO, UD, SH, WCX
  • AM/CAN CH Wingmaster’s Wingover Coot, CD, MH


  • BIS AM/MEX/INTL CH Folly of Hunter’s Tor, WC
  • CH Harmony Jade of Tealsnest, UD, SH, WCX, CGC
  • CH Harmony Obsidian Of Bandusia, CDX, MH, WCX
  • CH Hy-Tymes Ulysses S. Grant, UD, MH, WCX
  • CH OTCH Tealsnest Nite N’Gale, TD, JH, WCX, CAN CDX
  • BISS CH Twin Oaks Tsar Nicholas, CD, MH


  • AM/CAN CH Grousemoor Talisman, UDTX, JH, WC, CAN UD
  • CH Marquin’s Hodi, UD, MH, WCX, CAN CDX, WC
  • CH Spring Valley Moonstone, UD, MH, WCX


  • AM/CAN CH Bertschire’s Jesse James, CD, JH, WCX, SHR
  • BISS CH Grousemoor Northern Song, CDX, TDX, SH, WCX
  • AM/CAN CH U-UD Grousemoor Periwinkle, UD, TDX, OA, SH, WCX, CAN UDT WCX
  • AM/CAN CH OTCH U-CD Grousemoor Some Like it Hot,TD, WC
  • CH SpringValley Skyflier, UD, MH, WCX


  • CH Quillquest Orpheus, UDTX, JH, WCX
  • AM/BAH CH Wingmaster Angelic Destiny, CD, SH, WCX
  • AM/BAH/CAN CH Destiny One Gun Salute, CDX, WCX,CAN/BAH CD, VB, AD


  • CH Bertschire’s Cotswold Chaos, CD, TD, JH, WCX
  • CH Hardscrabble Wingover Zip, CDX, MH, WCX
  • CH OTCH Hob-B’s Knite Ryder, MH , WCX
  • CH Windfall’s Profit, UD , MH, WCX***


  • AM/CAN CH Raven Maniac O’Ebonwylde, CDX, JH, WCX
  • AM/MEX CH Tealsnest Topsail Trover, UD, JH, WCX,MEX PCE
  • AM/CAN CH Torwood Peerless, AM/CAN CDX, JH, WCX


    No Inductees


  • BIS CH Athercroft Blac Is Beautiful
  • AM/CAN CH Athercroft’s Blac Jack
  • BISS CH Curlee Hill Jackie O Foxvue, UD , WCX
  • AFC CH Jon-Lee’s Spring Valley Atari
  • CH Midnight Star Julius, CD, WC
  • CH OTCH Twin Oaks Double Exposure, WC


  • OTCH AM/MEX CH Berncroft Branta, UD, WC, MEX. PC
  • CH CFC CAFC Curlee Hill Blac Pacinco, CD WCX**
  • BIS AM/BAH/CAN CH Destiny Alias Corrigan, CDX, TD, WCX,CAN CD, VB, AD
  • AM/BDA/CAN CH Mantayo Bo James Bolingbroke,AM/CAN CDX, BDA CD, WC
  • BISS CH Spring Valley Riparian, CDX, WC
  • CH Wingmaster’s Bella Beauvoir, UD, MH , WCX***