Mission Statement

To monitor and improve the physical and genetic health of Flat-coated retrievers through data gathering, co-ordination of participation in research, and educational outreach. The Health Committee works in partnership with the Flat-coated
Retriever Foundation, provides health related recommendations to the FCRSA Board, and collaborates with canine health-oriented organizations, institutions and projects, as well as with Flat-coated retriever breed clubs internationally.


  • To identify and monitor health concerns, and to make this information available to Flat-coated retriever owners and breeders.
  • To monitor the genetic health of our breed and to promote preservation of its genetic diversity.
  • To support ongoing comprehensive listing of dogs in the Flatcoatdata.com database, to assist in its administration, and to encourage its use by FCRSA members.
  • To facilitate participation in research projects, and to support additions to a DNA repository by encouraging sample collection at Specialties and supported entries, and by individuals.
  • To recommend research projects and other health-related studies to the FCR Foundation for funding.
  • To maintain a clearinghouse for FCR health information on the FCRSA website.
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