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Regional Field Contacts

A list of regional club contacts that can help to connect you to local training partners and activities.

Club Website Offerings Field Contacts
The Great Western
Retriever Club

CA, AZ, NE, OR, WA Annual Hunt Test Ed Ferner, CA
Retriever Club

North Western States Jo Chinn
Retriever Club

New England Annually: Field Training
Workshops, WC/X Test,
Bumper Scurry, Fun Field Day
Joe Juza, NH
Chris McCluer, MA
Priscilla Johnson, NH
Becky Whitmeyer, NH
Bunny Millikin, RI
Sally Bridges, MA
Retriever Club

PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD Joe Johnstone
Valerie Bernhardt
Midwest Waterways
Retriever Club

OH, IA, MI, KY Leslie Phillips, OH
Flat-Coated Retriever
Club of Illinois

IL, WI Annually: WC/WCX Test,
Hunt Club Group,
Shot Flyer, Field Training
Karen Peterson
Chris VanBysum
Upper Midwest
Retriever Club

Upper Mid-West 3 Days Specialty Field Events Gen Dever
Katie Bruesewitz, MN
Capital Region
Retriever Club

DC, MD Annually: WC/WCX Test, Fun Singles Day Chris LeBel
Janet Ciarico, MD
Southern Skies
Retriever Club

FL Fun Field Training
throughout Florida
Alison Schultz, FL
Georgia Kass Goulding,
FCRSA Field Committee member, GA
Western State
Darrell Borchardt, TX
Frances Powrie, TX
Angela James, TX
Additional Midwest Mary Jo Gallagher, KS
Eileen Gevers, IA
Mitch White, OH


Flat-Coats are slow maturing dogs but even in the "mature" Flat-Coat there usually remains a spark of joy & mischief!


The Flat-Coat is a thinking dog.


One of the leading authorities on the breed, Dr. Nancy Laughton of Great Britain, refers to the Flat-Coat as a canine Peter Pan.

Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America

The Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America is committed to protecting and advancing the interests of the breed through health, education, research, responsible breeding and rescue.

About the Flat-Coated Retriever

A determined hunting dog with a small head and mouth can retrieve a large bird, but will not be able to hold it as gently and securely and retrieve repetitively with as much stamina and longevity as the dog with the long head, long muzzle and large, strong jaws.