Singles Championship

The Singles Championship, an annual event held during the FCRSA National Specialty field events, is won by the dog judged as the most precise marker through tests on both land and water. Steadiness and deliver to hand are required. There is a Champion and JAMs (Judge's Award of Merit) to finalists of outstanding merit.

YearFlat-Coated RetrieverHandler
2019CH HRCH Shasta BarrelofLaughs SH WCXChris Sprout
2018CH Whitland The London Trader MH QA2 WCXMary Smith
2017No event heldN/A
2016MACH2 Victory's Golconda MH MXS MJG NF WCXMary Jo Gallagher
2015CH Windfall's Ripple In Still Water SH WCXXan Latta
2014No event heldN/A
2013No event heldN/A
2012CH Ardenwood's As Time Goes By SHJoe Skorupa
2011No event heldN/A
2010Coastalight Good Louis Nanaimo CD SH WCXBetsy Montgomery
2009Ch. Rowansgaard Diggory Venn CD MH NA NAJ WCX*Beth Garland
2008Coastalight Wind Over Tide UD MH WCXJudy Tesky
2007Ch Huntlane Chasin' Daisies JH WCXJ. & S. Bulger
2006Quillquest Absolutely Kaotic Can CDX Can SH WCXA. & C. Steer
2005Flatford's Eddie MurphyC. Tulpa
2004Can-Ch Coastalight Wind Over Tide Can-TO CDX MH WCXJ. Teskey
2003Ch. Quillquest Utterly Kaotic CDX SH WCXC. Steer
2002Ch. Windfall's Hole in One SH TD NA NAJ WCXA. Spoto
2001Ch. Paradise Wild Irish Rogue JHM. & MJ Gallagher
2000Ch. Artic Sun's Wingover Chat CD MH***B. Milliken
1999Ch. Hardscrabble's Doesn't MissM. Brown
1998Hardscrabble's Thornfield WCX ***M. Brown
1997Windfall's Flatland Fortune SH WCXM. Gallagher
1996Ch. Mshinda Wa Amani MH WCXGoulding/Mortenson
1995Am/Mex CH. Dexmoor's Deluxe Edition SH WCXC. Trotter
1994Hardscrabble Blac Endeavor MHM. Krum
1993Rockledge Birdsong Tresur Diver JH WCXE. Reed
1992Hardscrabble's Thornfield MH WCX***M. Hallett
1991Hardscrabble's Thornfield MH WCX***M. Hallett
1990Hardscrabble Blac Sumo MH WCX***M. Hallett
1989Ch. Wingmaster's Bella Beauvoir UD MH WCX***M. Young
1988No stake
1987No stake
1986Ch. Hardscrabble MikadoL. Randall
1985Midnight Star's Explosive CD TD WCXJ. Dodd
1984AFC Ch. Jon-Lee's Spring Valley AtariE. Bertz