Specialty Best of Opposite Sex Winners

Best of Opposite Sex Date Location Judge
Blazingstar Puffin June 21, 2019 Albany, OR Liz Saunders and Andy Hurley
Windy Hill Love Changes Everything May 25, 2018 York, PA Mr. James Irvine
GCH Gamekeepers Prince Charming RN JH May 19, 2017 Clymer NY Mr. Syd Marx
GCh Blaxin’s Karibbean Black Sparrow CGC June 7, 2016 Sacramento, CA Mr. Douglas Johnson
GCh Berkschire Pyromania April 9, 2015 St. Louis, MO Mrs. Jane Jones
Ch. Heronbeck Obsidian Stout TD AX MXJ June 6, 2014 Albany, OR Mr. Kurt Anderson
GCH Blacfriar A Stitch in Time CDX RE SH AX AXJ MXP AJP OFP April 26, 2013 Conyer’s, GA Ms. Dyane M. Baldwyn
Huntlane Lake Effect June 22, 2012 Oconomowoc, WI Mrs. Eleonora Boermans
GCh. Blazin’s Gardez La Foi CD RE NA NAJ NAP NJP NF June 10, 2011 Frederick, MD Ms. Christine Pollender
Ch. Bertschire Horse Power JH WC June 11, 2010 Auburn, IN Mr. Michael Faulkner
Ch. Glenwan’s Sidney on Lanier JH NAJ June 4, 2009 Warwick, RI Per Iverson
Ch. Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau April 11, 2008 Albany, OR Shirley Stewart-Fippin
Tealsong Bittersweet June 15, 2007 Rochester, MN Mrs. Pluis Davern
Ch. Beachcliff Celine Dion May 13, 2006 Gray Summit, MO Ms. Ann Kilminster
Ch. Quillquest Etched in Stone JH OA AXJ April 8, 2005 Perry, GA Mrs. Nancy Liebes
Ch. Tavion Fly Away Home May 6, 2004 San Francisco, CA Mrs. Brenda Phillips
Ch. Tavion Fly Away Home May 17, 2003 Carlisle, PA Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr.
Ch. Butterblac’s Back ‘N Sync June 13, 2002 Wheaton, IL Mr. James G. Reynolds
Ch. Ms Nala of Featherquest June 7, 2001 Greeley, CO Mr. Houston Clark
Ch. Wingmaster’s Flyin Felda TDI CDX May 18-20, 2000 Lexington, KY Mr. Peter Johnson
Ch. Athercroft Vieux Dieux May 12-14, 1999 Warwick, RI Mr. Michael Faulkner
Ch. Flatford Zeus the Major God JH WC April 8-10, 1998 Brenham, TX Douglas Windsor
Ch. Athercroft Dieux U Love Me May 28-29, 1997 Lake Elmo, MN Mrs. George Alston
Ch. Grousemoor Wish Upon a Star May 7-10, 1996 Frederick, MD Hon. Amelia Jessel
Ch. Katoc Artic Sun Double Scoop CD April 18-20, 1995 Anaheim, CA Dr. Bernard McGivern
Ch. Grousemoor Wish Upon a Star June 8-10, 1994 Rosemont, IL Ms. Virginia Lyne
Ch. Grousemoor Wish Upon a Star March 30-April 1, 1993 Lawrenceville, GA Miss D. M. MacDonald
Ch. Quillquest Gentle Fancy Day CDX JH May 12-14, 1992 Denver, CO Mrs. Joan Mason
Ch. Wingmaster Dynamic Damsel April 3-4, 1991 Arlington, TX Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth
Ch. Riverwood Star of Hillbrook May 18-19, 1990 Shewsbury, MA Mrs. A. Thompson-Brown
Ch. Adelhard’s Echo Brandybuck May 11-12, 1989 Flint, MI Mrs. B. Phillips
Ch. Athercroft Beast All’Round April 27-28, 1988 Anaheim, CA Mrs. Michelle Billings
Ch. Adelhard’s Echo Brandybuck May 21-22, 1987 Willoughby Hills, OH Mrs. M. K. Koonts
Ch. Grousemoor Sweet Lou TD May 22-23, 1986 Longmont, CO Mr. W. R. Geisenhafer
Ch. Watermark Midnight Star Deft May 9-10, 1985 St. Louis, MO Mr. D. J. Glodowski
Ch. Wingmaster’s Angelic Destiny March 7, 1984 Burlington, NC Mrs. J. E. Clark
Ch. Arborviews Taurean Blacque April 1, 1983 Wheaton, IL Mr. E. W. Braqcy
Ch. Berncroft Wimbrel March 28, 1982 Denver, CO Mrs. P. J. Robertson
Ch. Wyndham’s Kracker March 27, 1981 New Lenox, IL Mrs. H. W. Walsh
Ch. Destiny Dear Abby CD March 28, 1980 New Lenox, IL Mrs. T. Stevenson
LeDeJa’s Chicago March 20, 1979 Western Springs, IL Mrs. C. B. Maxwell
Ch. Mantayo Briarwood Jester CD March 31, 1978 Western Springs, IL Mr. Read Flowers