2022 FCRSA National Specialty

2022 Specialty Committee Members

Cheryl Kistner Show Co-Chair kistnec@yahoo.com
Kate Barton Show Co-Chair firesidefcr@gmail.com
Chris VanByssum Obedience Chair chrisvanby@yahoo.com
Patty Steele-Scott Rally Chair psteelescott@woh.rr.com
Annette Narel Agility Chair maghistakes@aol.com
Doris Ehret Field Co-Chair dorehret@adams.net
Adele Yunck Field Co-Chair abyunck@gmail.com
Denise Sejalon Field Trial Co-Chair dmsejalon@gmail.com
Marilyn Wilcox Field Secretary kistnec@yahoo.com
Cathy Brush Field Chief Marshall cambrush@aol.com
Denise Sejalon Field Chief Marshall dmsejalon@gmail.com
Sherry Augustine Field Hospitality blackgem@sssnet.com
Harry Ellis Field Hospitality blackgem@sssnet.com
Kathy Poole-Price Treasurer & Hospitality Co-Chair kzpc9k@aol.com
Marijo Nootz Hospitality Co-Chair nootzmj@miamioh.edu
Kelly Hanlon Hospitality Co-Chair jkhanlon1@gmail.com
Helen Szostak Trophies grousemoor@aol.com
Kim Holmes Rosettes mickee@bex.net
Lisa Dillahunt Vendor Chair ladillahunt@gmail.com
Eric Christensen Ecommerce and Website edc@proadmin.com
Laura Dewald 3 Rivers Award laura.dewald58@gmail.com
Cindy Zelbst Auction crzelbst@aol.com
Gen Dever Catalog Ads gendever@gmail.com
Barb Krieger Education & Health Clinics kriegersridge@gmail.com
Dawn Buttion Grooming Reservations blazinkennels@comcast.net
Joyce Latham Grounds brookmoor@icloud.com
Cathy & Jason Martin Judges Transportation jascat@comcast.net
Patti More Judges Hospitality pmore@blackdogs.com
Lisa Riley Junior Coordinator lisar827@gmail.com
Judy Gladson Ring of Honor Coordinator victoryret@aol.com
John Price RV Coordinator kzpc9k@aol.com
Monica Stephens Social Media Reporter westwindretrievers@gmail.com
Marilyn Wilcox Merchandise Coordinator kistnec@yahoo.com
Christine Teneralli Trophy sponsorship cteneralli@gmail.com

Specialties would not be possible without the tremendous effort of a small group of volunteers who work tirelessly to put on the best possible dog events. We still need more volunteers!!! The Chairs would like to express our deepest thanks to our committee chairs, club members, and volunteers who will be working hard behind the scenes. Come join the Celebration of our beautiful and talented Flat-Coated Retrievers!