2022 FCRSA National Specialty

Competition Events


All Conformation will be held in the Coliseum. In addition to the normal conformation events we are offering a 4-6 month puppy class which will precede BOB judging. See the schedule for when these classes will be offered. New BBE split into BBE Puppy (6 month to 1 year) and BBE Adult (over 1 year old) will be offered. Show Superintendent is Executive Dog Show Services. Premium list is available here along with www.executivedogshows.com

Closing is May 18, 2022.

We will start late afternoon/early evening with Veteran Sweepstakes on Tuesday June 7 along with the Welcome Party. Wednesday June 8 is Puppy Sweepstakes. Thursday June 9 is Regular and Non-Regular dog classes along with Jr Showmanship. Friday June 10th is Regular and Non-Regular bitch classes. Saturday June 11 is 4-6 Month Puppy, Best of Breed, Stud/brood bitch class and National Owner Handled Best of Breed, Best Bred By, Best Veteran and Best Puppy.

Crating and Grooming

All crating and grooming will be at the Coliseum. There will be both paid and free grooming spaces. Each paid grooming space will be 10 x 10 and will have access to electricity. No X-pens in the building please. It is possible that free grooming spaces will have access to electricity.

Hoses for bathing along with several booster baths will be available indoors in the loading dock area of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Hot and cold water are available. Provide your own towels and shampoo.

Coliseum will open for conformation crating set-up on Tues June 7th by 11:00 am.


On Wednesday June 8, there will be a handling seminar for Juniors and a pizza lunch. This will start at 10am. Lisa Riley will be coordinating this event. Jessica Montgomery will be leading the Handling seminar.

Field Events

Field events will be held at Grassy Creek Kennels, 2411 S State Road 9 in Albion, Indiana 46701, and the surrounding area on private grounds. We may also need to use the Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area in Syracuse, IN depending on local cover.
2022 FCRSA Field Map no markers
Directions from Blakes to Tri County

Field Trial will start the field events on Friday, June 3rd.
Judges for the derby and qualifying stakes are: Susan Bledsoe, Chicago, IL and Michelle Chalupa, Rock Springs, WI.

Unsteady A and Unsteady B and Steady Singles will be on Saturday June 4th
Judges for Steady:

Darrin Morman, Freeland, MI / George Wamsley, Monterey, IN
Susan Bledsoe, Chicago, IL / Kim Bridgewater, Lapeer, MI.

Judges for Unsteady B:

Michelle Chalupka, Rock Springs, WI / Terri Pardee, Concord, MI
Rose Ann Porucznik, Naperville, IL / Bruce Ellis, Hudson, MI

Judges for Unsteady A:

Sheila Holcomb, Rockford, IL / Kelli Riggs, Odessa, FL

AKC hunt test will be on Sunday June 5th
Judges for Master:

Jan Masica, Dexter, MI / Kimberlee Bridgewater, Lapeer, MI

Judges for Senior:

Mark Holcomb, Rockford, IL / Sheila Holcomb, Rockford, IL

Judges for Junior:

Susan Steffey, Indianapolis, IN / Bruce Ellis, Hudson, MI
Heidi Wszolek, Holly, MI / Terri Dietrich, Versailles, KY

Field Banquet will be Sunday after the hunt test.

Monday June 6th will be the WC/WCX.
Judges for the WCX:

Rose Ann Porucznik, Naperville, IL / Susan Steffey, Indianapolis, IN
Linda O’Leary, Newark, OH / Blake Lemish, Albion, IN

Judges for the WC:

Heidi Wszolek, Holly, MI / Daniel Tyner, Larwill, IN
Jan Masica, Dexter, MI / Terri Dietrich, Versailles, KY

Because we expect large entries for the WC, WCX, Junior Hunter, Unsteady Singles B, and Steady Singles tests, we have arranged for two sets of judges for each of these stakes. While Entry Express makes every effort to keep dogs with a common owner/handler in the same flight when they list the Running Order, we will double check this to ensure handlers are assigned only to flight “1” or “2” for Singles, or “A” or “B” for Junior, not both.

WC & WCX: For the WC and WCX tests, there will be one pair of judges for each test on land and a second pair of judges for each test at water. All tests will begin on land. Qualifiers in the land tests will get a token indicating that they passed the land series and are eligible to run the water series. The token for the WC and WCX tests will also indicate if there was a controlled break on land, as only one controlled break is permitted in these tests. Handlers receiving a token are kindly asked to proceed IMMEDIATELY to the water test which will start immediately after completing land to keep things running efficiently. FCRSA has developed an excellent guide for handler preparation for the WC and WCX tests and we urge you to read it! A PDF of the guide is available here: https://fcrsa.org/field-handler-guidelines/

Junior Hunter & Steady Singles Championship: In these stakes, entries at closing will be divided in half into two separate flights, with one pair of judges per flight. JH-A and JH-B will be run separately from each other, and handlers will not be permitted to enter both flights. For the SS events, after completion of their respective land and water series, SS-1 and SS-2 will choose a first-place winner to go on to a run-off. The judges will also decide on a group of finalists to receive Judges Awards of Merit (JAMs). For a detailed review of the Steady Singles Stake, please visit the FCRSA website: https://fcrsa.org/singles-stakes/.

Unsteady Singles A & B: Because we expect a large entry for USS-B and a fairly small entry for USS-A, we have divided USS-B into two flights. After completion of both USS-B land and water series, each set of USS-B judges will choose a first-place winner to compete in a run-off and select worthy recipients of JAMs. A first-place winner and JAMs will also be selected from among the USS-A dogs. NOTE: The USS-A test is for novice handlers with novice dogs. Please read the eligibility criteria for USS-A carefully as they differ in key respects from USS-B (see below). For a detailed review of the Unsteady Singles Stake, please visit the FCRSA website: https://fcrsa.org/unsteady-singles-stake/.

Eligibility for Unsteady Singles A (Novice Handlers with Novice Dogs):

  • Dog must be at least 6 months old on the day of the test, and
  • Dog must have an individual AKC registration number, foreign registration number, or ILP number
  • Dog may not have earned any ribbon in a previous National Specialty Unsteady Singles A- or B-level stake. (Dogs that have earned a ribbon in Unsteady A may enter Unsteady B.)
  • Dog may not have run in any field event requiring steadiness, or be entered in any field event requiring steadiness at this Specialty, i.e. Steady Singles, WCX, Senior, Master, Derby or Qualifying
  • Handler may not have previously placed any field title on any dog, including AKC, UKC, CKC, or any other registry, or WC/WCX.
  • Dog may not have received “considerable professional training.” (Those dogs that have spent time away from their home and owner for the purpose of being trained by a person other than the dog’s owner shall be considered to have received considerable professional training.)

All other unsteady dogs should be entered in Unsteady Singles B (Experienced Handlers with Young or Novice Dogs). The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Dog must be at least 6 months old on the day of the test, and
  • Dog must have an individual AKC registration number, foreign registration number, or ILP number
  • Handler and/or dog may have earned field titles, but the dog may not have run in any field event requiring steadiness, or be entered in any field event requiring steadiness at this Specialty, i.e. Steady Singles, WCX, Senior, Master, Derby or Qualifying
  • Dog may not have earned any ribbon at any previous National Specialty Unsteady Singles B stake, with the exception of dogs who have not yet reached their third birthday on the day of the event. Dogs under the age of 3 may enter, whether or not they have earned a previous ribbon.

For questions or clarifications, please contact Co-Field Chairs Doris Ehret dorehret@adams.net or Adele Yunck abyunck@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing everyone in June!


Dogs and handlers run at The Plex South on Tuesday, June 7 in a Flat coat only trial. This facility is 10 miles from the Coliseum. This soccer arena is air-conditioned and is used frequently during the year for agility trials and boasts lots of crating space. The floor is artificial turf. Standard, JWW, T2B will be offered. Judge is Amanda Moller of Chelsea MI. Volunteers needed!!

Trial secretary is Joanne Silhanek (chipperud@sbcglobal.net) and the agility premium is available here. Closing date is May 18, 2022 and entries open March 21, 2022

Obedience and Rally

We are looking forward to watching the dogs perform as we know they can, although antics are bound to happen, given the “Peter Pan” nature of our dogs! There will be three obedience judges and one rally judge. We will try to get all obedience/rally done on Wednesday June 8th but may need to trickle into Thursday depending on the entry. Obedience/Rally will be inside in the same building as the conformation and grooming set up. We’ll offer beautiful rosettes and prizes to the qualifiers! Obedience will be held in the same building but a separate area. Rally will be held in the same area as conformation and grooming.

Regular obedience classes:
Novice A&B, Open A&B, Utility A&B. All preferred classes offered

Non- regular classes:
Veterans, Team (4 dogs & 4 handlers)

Optional titling classes:
Beginner Novice A&B, Graduate Novice, Graduate Open, Versatility

Rally Classes:
Novice A&B, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent and Master


Novice A & B, Preferred Novice, Beginner Novice A & B: William Parrill
Open A & B, Preferred Open, Graduate Novice, Veterans: Russell Hornfisher
Utility A & B, Preferred Utility, Graduate Open, Versatility: Kathleen Sweet
Team: Russell Hornfisher & Kathleen Sweet
Rally Classes: Catherine Thompson

Please think about helping out as a ring steward. The more help we have the better. It will make it go much smoother and we’ll get done earlier so we can all play!

Ring of Honor

Please join us in recognizing the flat-coats and their owner/handlers on Thursday, June 9 in the Ring of Honor (ROH). The ROH will happen 30 minutes following judging of the last dog class of the day.

The ROH is an annual, by invitation, non-competitive special presentation held at each year’s National Specialty to recognize and showcase past and current specialty winners and past and current Hall of Fame inductees. The following dogs will be invited to participate in the Ring of Honor:

All past HOF inductees
2022 HOF inductees
FCRSA Specialty Best of Breed Winners
FCRSA Specialty Best of Opposite Sex Winners
FCRSA Specialty Obedience High In Trial Winners
FCRSA Specialty Singles Champions
FCRSA Qualifying Field Trial Winners
FCRSA Field Trophy Winners

Invitations to participate in the ROH will be sent to owners of all flat coats who qualify. Electronic invitations for the ROH will be mailed in the winter to all eligible participants with instructions for supplying information for the electronic catalog. The deadline for RSVP is May 18, 2022.

CGC/TDI and Trick Dog Testing

Cat Weil of Timercreek Acres will have a booth at the specialty to sell products and will also conduct testing for CGC, CGCA, CGCU, and all levels of tricks.

It is a drop-in situation whenever Cat’s vendor booth is open. Cat does all the paperwork and provides ribbons. She submits paperwork to AKC (CGC, CGCA, CGCU and all levels of trick dog testing), $20 each and Therapy Dogs International ($30)