The Specialty Committee is working diligently to get everything arranged to make the reschedule of the Specialty as painless as possible for all of us.

Frances and Cindy are in Wichita Falls today to finalize arrangements for the new dates. There will be a lot more info after these meetings but we want to give you a brief update that will hopefully answer some questions.

Please do not inundate the Specialty Chairs with questions right now. We are all scrambling to make arrangements for the changes. As soon as we have concrete information will will get it to you. We expect to have all of the details finalized and communicated in the next few days.

First, we are committed to minimizing any costs both to participants and the club. The FCRSA has directed Onofrio, Entry Express and North Texas Agility to refund entry fees. Many clubs are not refunding entry fees for shows cancelled due to coronavirus (and the AKC does not require them to). But the FCRSA has directed the superintendents to refund entry fees. We are working with them to expedite refunds and negotiating to minimize costs to both you, and the club. Details will be coming on this soon, but that takeaway is that you WILL get your entry fees refunded. And as a result, your will have to re-enter events for the new date. We expect new entry deadlines to be on or after August 1st for all events.

Second, you will have plenty of time to make changes to entries, orders, and plans. We are going to extend deadlines for placing or changing orders for Hospitality, Catalog Ads, Trophy Sponsorships, Quilt Raffle, RV and Grooming Space reservations until at least August 1st. So you will have plenty of time to firm up your plans and make adjustments to your orders.

Hospitality orders remain in place for now. We expect that the only changes will be the dates. We will allow changes and cancellations up to August 1st. Details to follow.

Field box lunches and the Field banquet will be automatically refunded. We expect this to be done within the next few days.

Christine Teneralli will contact each of you who sponsored Field trophies to make arrangements to redirect or refund those. Please consider switching you donations to other trophies or to the general fund. We desperately need the support more than ever.

Merchandise orders are not impacted. All items ordered up through March 11th have already been produced. Pick-up orders will be delivered at the Specialty as originally planned. Shipped orders have already been shipped.  If you are not going to attend the specialty we can ship your order at the standard shipping rates. Details on how to switch existing orders this will be coming shortly. The store remains open and you can continue to order items for either shipping or pick-up.

We are actively working with the hotels to make arrangements for the new dates. You may cancel hotel reservations now and we will have new blocks of room with special rates available shortly.

As you can imagine, this change is going to cost the FCRSA a lot of money! As a member funded organization, we do not have huge cash reserves to draw on, so we will continue to need your help. Please continue to order merchandise, buy quilt raffle tickets and sponsor trophies. We need everyone to help us minimize the financial damage to the club.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through this difficult situation.