FCRSA and the UK team up for Flat-Coat Health!

UK Flat Coat Database is open to FCRSA Members!


The UK Flat-coat database is open to FCRSA members, and all members of the FCRSA are strongly encouraged to join (it’s free to our members!). The FCRSA has negotiated with FlatcoatData for a 5 year period free access for all current members in good standing through 2021.  We are utilizing this database to store our dogs’ health information plus there are other features which many of our members find beneficial.

There are now > 120,000 Flatcoated retrievers on our database from more than 2,430 kennels (> 44,000 dogs from the UK,  > 9,500 from North America, over 28,100 from Sweden and the rest from throughout the world).  Dog and health information is being added on a daily basis.

PLEASE take this opportunity to enter or update information and let’s use this opportunity to be honest with everyone. Being open with information will help keep our breed healthy and happy.


Once your annual dues are paid up, fill out the registration form and you’ll be notified when you are enrolled. It may take some time as your membership needs to be verified first.


You can join at any time providing that your membership is in good standing and current with the FCRSA.


Contacts: Penny Woodward at darkwaterfcr@gmail.com & Judy Gladson at victoryret@aol.com