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WC/WCX Rule Revisions

Minor changes were recently made to the FCRSA WC and WCX Administrative and Test Rules, as a joint effort between the FCRSA and GRCA, to assist judges and handlers by unifying and clarifying points between the two sets of test rules.

Additionally, the rules have been given an updated look and made more user-friendly. The previous separate rule documents (Administrative, WC, and WCX) are now combined into one document with a table of contents on the first page.

The new version can be found on at

Below is a list of the rule revisions:

Administrative Rules

  • The requirement to include notice of winger use in the test premium for the WCX stake was eliminated except when a test receives GRCA approval.
  • Reminder to announce winger use in the test premium if Golden Retrievers are invited to enter (which is required under GRCA rules).
  • Approval for the use of AKC-approved noise-making devices for dead bird stations (i.e., shotgun simulators)
  • A suggestion, as a courtesy to new handlers, for clubs to include an announcement in the test premium of possible use of any equipment which may not be familiar to dogs or handlers, such as wingers or shotgun simulators.
  • Emphasis that gun stations should be set up with care to provide a clear visual and auditory picture for dogs and handlers, and that safety should be of the utmost consideration when setting up the test and assigning workers
  • Added a specific number of decoys (2-4) for use in the WCX water series to parallel the GRCA rules

WC and WCX Rules

  • Revised language in the WCX rules to clarify the use of an “honor area” in place of an “honor box” to parallel the GRCA rules
  • Revised language in the WCX rules to clarify that an honoring dog must be able to clearly see each mark fall while allowed to sit, stand, or lie down
  • Added language in the WCX rules to clarify that all Golden Retrievers must sit on the honor per GRCA rules
  • Added minor clarifications in the WC and WCX rules for the terms “hard mouth” and “freezing.”